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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Jun 4, 2007.

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    difficult child had his last soccer game on Saturday morning. He has played since he was 4. Very good player, but financially unable to advance to travel team at this time. He is frustrated with the rec league, skill level at this age. Most skilled players have moved on to travel team by this age. It was a sad day for us. We have watched him for the past 8 years. difficult child knew that we were sad with his decision, but we supported it. Told him to play his best on his last day. so...Game begins, other team scores..There is difficult child..holding his head, rotating his neck/head. Mouthing."I need Advil" to us. We hold up our hands like "what do you want us to do?" He comes over to us and tells me to go home get advil and come back. Game would be over!! Then he starts in on how his head is pounding, he's not going to play. FINE..I go to leave, but remember I HAVE some in the car. So I bring it to him and I am angry so I just spit out, "you wouldn't be happy unless something hurt!" Like the advil will work as soon as he swallows it. Told husband we should give him sugar pills or something to see if pain is all in his head. Then difficult child puts on the Goalie shirt. He has never, ever played goalie in 8 years. We are worried that he will lose it if someone scores.
    difficult child did great. many saves. Good job. Team lost, but difficult child was happy with his game. On and off throughout the day he complains of headache. That night went through three ice paks, and Advil every 4 hours, INCLUDING his prescription Midrin. Headache so bad in the morning he didn't get up, said he couldn't. Asked to go to the hospital. I held him off until later in the day. After 34 hours of this headache I called his pediatrician. He asked routine questions then called in Tylenol#3. I give one to difficult child and laid down for a nap with difficult child. He tells me he is "floating". Then he sleeps for several hours. Wakes up says he feels better just a little headache but sore muscles around neck/shoulders. i put some heat on that. Then, headache starts coming back and as I am leaving for work he is in severe pain again. I made him take a tylenol#3 again (8 hours later) He didn't want to take it, wanted to take advil. He is afraid he would OD. I assured him, promised him he would be ok(secretly praying that this conversation is never turned around)He takes pill, and is still awake when I left. I do not know if he is going to wake up with this headache and if he does what to do about it. Pediatrician just said to call him in a FEW days if it doesn't get better. he must of NEVER had a migrane.
    Don't know anything else to use to help him. He had a great week last week. He has 6.5 days of school left.
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    Kjs, if he wakes up with the headache today, you need to call the pediatrician and/or his neurologist and have him evaluated (if they won't listen to you, take him to the ER). A headache this long, combined with sore muscles around neck/shoulders, can be something besides a migraine. You need to know exactly what you're dealing with before you assume it's a migraine. Not to scare you, but both meningitis and Lyme Disease need to be ruled out.

    If it does turn out to be a migraine, you need to take him back to the neurologist (or get a new neurologist) and get your difficult child on medications that are more effective. My son has had migraines since age 4, and he is completely under control now. There are medications out there that will work for your difficult child.
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> both kids & i suffer from migraines so i understand what you are talking about. have you & his neuro ever discussed some of the medications used on a regular basis that act as preventatives? you may want to do that.

    </span> </span> </span>
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    ok. Now I am terrified. Just talked to husband(husband will be leaving for work shortly). He said difficult child got up for a little bit, said he felt a little better, but very stiff neck. He put ice on it and went back to bed. I am having a panick attack now. Could it be more? He has had bad headaches in the past, but never lasted this long. He was taking topomax prescribed by the neurologist. Recently stopped, we didn't think it helped much and he kept telling us he thought it did. (but he has a real issue with being fat and new topomax helped that)
    husband just called me again. difficult child is up, stiff neck. No fever.
    Headache comes and goes.
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    Take him TODAY for an evaluation. It could be a migraine, but it could be something else. You need to know.
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    I'd take him to ER. One of my kids started losing vision in one eye, saw spots, and had high blood pressure. School called me and I just took him straight to ER. He had an ocular migraine, but I wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. In ER, they ran all sorts of tests, including a C-T scan. If you're worried, I wouldn't wait for an appointment, plus it sounds like your son is in a lot of pain. Why not just get it over with? (((Hugs)))
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    I am really scared. He doesn't want to go to the hospital, and I know from experience that any blood draw or shot/IV will cause extreme anxiety, hyperventalation, screaming and crying. He does get annual MRI's, this past one in December. That was with contrast and we were there over 6 hours. He just could not handle the thought of a needle. they even tryied to medicate him with Valium. He wouldn't take it. He was so upset he didn't even have a voice. Couldn't breathe.
    I just talked to him. He is out of control. Can't breathe, severe pain. I am leaving work, 45 minute drive.
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    Oh Kjs. ::hugs:: I'm so sorry. I hope it's just a migraine and nothing more, but I also hope you're getting him checked out today to make sure that's really all it is.

    by the way, just curious...how long was he on the Topamax?
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    took difficult child to ER this morning. They gave him valium to calm down then took him for ct-scan. Ct scan was normal. They then gave him 2 tylenol#3 and 2 advil and advised us to give him that every 4 hours and follow up with neurologist. We just accepted that and left. difficult child slept several hours, then continued the 2 #3, and 2 advil. When I left at 10pm for work, he still had a headache with heat on his neck and ice on his head.

    Looking back, I should of insisted on something at the ER to take his headache away and stayed until it was gone. When I have gone in for bad headaches in the past, they always gave me several shots and by the time I left, I no longer had a headache. difficult child would not accept us telling him he would be ok. Kept asking ER doctor over and over if he would be ok, if he could take that many pills. He seemed to accept the doctors answers. But..left us with no answer. Still headache (not nearly as severe) no reason why. His blood pressure and his pulse were both down a little more than 10 when we left from when we came in.

    He had been on Topomax about a year. He weighed in at 92 pounds, the least he has ever weighed in the past two years. Plus he has grown taller. I know his waist on his pants is 26" and they are falling off. (the way he likes them!) Yet he still thinks he is fat.
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    Did they just treat him for a "migrain" or did they really examine him for other possiblities?

    That stiff neck thing bothers me, as does how long he's had this headache. Do you know if they checked for sinus infection, or anything? Did they check his medication levels while he was there to see if they are okay?

    I'm a bit surprised doctor called in Tylenol #3's for the pain, most pain medications do dittle for migraines. (as you probably know)

    I hope his headache goes away soon.

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    I know pain medications such as Tylenol#3 would make my headache worse. I use fiorinal or Atiq, which seems to do OK.
    I am quite disappointed at ER. Did no blood work. Looked in his eyes, had him put his hands out, push/pull thing. CT scan. That's it. I should of demanded a shot or something and not left until headache subsided. Now, still has headache, just not severe as it was.
    difficult child is familiar with sinus headaches, he has many sinus issues. No pain in the face. If ask where his head hurts he just says all over. Tonight he did state half his head hurt. And continues with the neck pain. I am thinking the neck muscles are sore just from the pain and length of headache.
    Was told to follow-up with doctor and neurologist. Well, neurologist is from Childrens Hospital. Takes forever to get in there. Doctor wouldn't know what to do.
    difficult child has calmed down significantly since the ER doctor assured him he would be alright. difficult child does not want to take anymore pills. That worries me. I do not want the pain to become severe, needs to go away completely..then recover.
    School is another issue, unit/chapter tests going on this week. He cannot concentrate with this kind of pain. Hasn't gotten dressed in two days. Went to ER in Pj's.(lounge pants)
    He does have an apetite. Very good with eating when taking medication. Drinking lots also.
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    husband just phoned and difficult child woke up during the night and said his headache was gone. But woke up a few minutes ago and said it was back. Quarter tests are on the 7th and he is missing the review's. Don't know if he should stay home or go. Guess I will leave it up to him. Although, much anxiety yesterday came from being home alone. He made us "promise" he would be okay,but still wouldn't believe us. You could tell he was relieved when the doctor told him he would be okay.
    Should I make him go if it is not severe, or keep him home until it is gone? Maybe the change of scenery would make it better. But then the school anxiety may make it worse. don't know what to do.
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    good news. husband stayed home so difficult child wouldn't wake up alone like yesterday incase he was in bad pain. He took advil at 5 am. Woke up at 8:30...no headache. so relieved. He was worried that it may come back. He asked me if he should take advil just in case. He has sore muscles, feels a little / lot wiped out. I pray it stays away now.
    Thank you for all your wisdom. I was really scared. That was one long headache, and his anxiety had me hyperventalating!
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    I'm glad he's feeling better. :smile: