difficult child coming home tomorrow!


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I guess I should be getting out the toasting glasses and celebrating, but my anxiety is just sky high and I am so nervous about what tomorrow holds. :frown:

We'll be picking up difficult child from the psychiatric hospital tomorrow afternoon at 5 pm and :::fingers crossed::: he'll be going to school on Thursday. Then, Tuesday we have an intake meeting at the day program through the psychiatric hospital and then he starts there next Wednesday.

We saw difficult child today for the first time on his new medication (Zyprexa) and I have to say I'm worried. It didn't seem to have any effect. I guess the *true* test will be when he's back in the "real world" and he has to deal with real stressors and we'll see if he blows a gasket like he normally does, but he was bouncing off the walls, and not listening to us during our visit and it was very disheartening and only hightened my anxiety about what discharge holds for us. On a positive note, ALL of the side effects from the Risperdal are gone and he just stopped taking that yesterday.

Oh...and you should all get a laugh out of this one! I asked his SW, who was going over the discharge plan with us, who would be seeing him for therapy and monitoring his medications (i.e. would he continue to see the psychiatrist through the day program, since it's through the hospital and would he see her after the day program is over or would we have to go back to the Behavioral Center we've been to once) and THIS IS WHAT HE SAID....

Are you ready?

He really said this...

Are you sitting down???

"I'm sure his PEDIATRICIAN can take care of his medication."

I just about jumped out of my chair and shook him!!!!!!! Like are you SERIOUS?!?! My child is mentally ill...he just spent 2 weeks in a psychiatric hospital...you're discharging him with no further diagnosis than the ODD diagnosis he came in with that's 5 years old and even the psychiatrist knows we need to watch him closely for an emerging mood disorder and you're telling me to take him to his PEDIATRICIAN to monitor his medications?!?!


I swear.

I'm sorry...I must be hormonal today or something, but man am I in a mood and that just has me still sitting here with my jaw on the floor. Vent over. Back to just being really overly anxiety ridden. :wink:

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I'm sorry psychiatrist was such a PITA. I'd at least ask for a referral to an outside psychiatrist or one who practices at that psychiatric hospital.

Having said that, zyprexa has been a godsend for kt. Adding that with the tegretol has made an incredible difference.

Rattling beads that discharge goes well; that difficult child remains stable over the weekend & that the start of day treatment is a success.

Discharge is always nerve wracking for me - I've learned over time to take several deep breaths before I walk in & sign the discharge papers. Keep names & numbers of the professionals you dealt with at the hospital - psychiatrist, SWs & any therapists. They may be a resource in the future.

Keeping a good thought for discharge tomorrow.


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I wonder what the pediatrician would say to that. Mine doesn't feel comfortable with difficult child 1's medications and would've had something to say about that comment.


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My pediatrician is great and will work with us as far as medications but only after consult with psychiatrist... and she does this because the psychiatrists around here are so horrible and hard to get in touch with or get apts with!!! She is better than a lot of the psychiatrists... sad to say. I can get ahold of her in a manner of minutes, I called my psychiatrist today this am for a medication consult... still waiting!!! She prefers to work with psychiatrist but will do what she can to help the difficult child...

But your psychiatrist is being lame!!! I understand what my pediatrician does, but your story sounds like passing the buck...
I hope he does well at home!!! It is nice to at least have an option to go to a psychiatrist for your medications!!!

Try not to stress and enjoy him as much as you can.
Sending good thoughts

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I hope today goes well. I was shocked your doctor in the psychiatric hospital. would say to have the pediatrician manage the medications!


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Wow! I am hoping that it goes well for you. It does not sound like he is ready to be discharged yet if the Zyprexa is not working. Perhaps it will kick in as the days go by. Ask for a referral for a good psychiatrist who can help to manage his medications. He really does need someone who can work with the medications if they are NOT going to help him after discharge!