difficult child did not level up

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    I talked to her RN today, and she told me she was border line FYI. That she was waiting to see how she did at family visit. It started off so badly that one of the therapy aides had to intervene. She really got on difficult child that she could not talk to us like that, and that she needed to own why she was there. But, her RN was great about saying that difficult child is a hot mess right now, and that until she could open up to people she would not be leveling up or coming home. Now if we can just get ins. on board. Since they seem to think she can come home and function just fine. I almost told the woman I would send difficult child to live with her, and she could see if she was fine.
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    geez what is the disconnect? If her medical records are saying she is a mess how can they want to d/c? I begged for Q to come home and no way...

    I hope they see the light.
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    Start finding out - from other sources such as the board - what kind of info you need to be pulling together, for your appeals process.
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    Insurance companies drive me crazy! Sounds like the nurse handled the situation well.
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    If the medical professionals are telling everyone that she can not function in a home setting at this time I just will never understand why an insurance company will insist that they can. It's ridiculous!