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For the past almost 2 weeks I've had a mysterious pain in my arm that shoots into my neck and wrist. My DR is working on getting me in for an MRI. It is not related to my heart. Also, my H fell off a ladder and is also in pain so he's cranky and besides that his usual annoying, non-helpful self. Our marriage is already shaky so it's not doing so well. On top of that I have just been feeling drained. I don't know if it's the mid-winter blues, feelings of being overwhelmed, boredom, actual illness, what. :tears:

difficult child got grounded and is not allowed to have a boyfriend until I see her next interim report card, in about 4 weeks. Her computer time is limited and all of this is not such a big deal as she hardly goes out anyway. But she is sneaky. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

I just checked her myspace and noticed a HUGE valentine from that skanky 21 year old who was calling her last month that she told to leave her alone right in front of me. They apparently reconnected. I posted a message just above him that said, "difficult child, You're DONE". Tonight I will take away her cell phone and I already called the school and requested that she be escorted onto the bus daily. She has been getting home at around 2:30, almost a full hour before schedule and when I asked her why, said this kid Tom at school was driving her. The director at her school said that might be possible, but she doubts it. For all I know, she's been bringing this skanky kid into my house in the afternoons. I am almost to the point of taking her out of school and shipping her off to her dads, which is in another state. She won't be 18 until October so we're essentially stuck right now and I am feeling really weak. :tears:

How much do difficult child's go for on the black market these days anyway? :wildone:


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I sure don't know Jo, but at least 2 days out of 7 I'm ready to put the add in the paper to sale my difficult child. I keep waiting for the day when he surprises me with adult thinking. I wouldn't bet my vacation on it.

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Do you guys really believe you're going to get any takers from this board???? :rofl: :hammer: :rofl:

Fran & Jo, I hope things settle down soon. :warrior:


Hey, I can't give my difficult child away! "Take my difficult child, Please!!" :crazy:

These guys and gals can try the patience of a saint! Better days are coming (at least that's what I hope to myself!)

((( Jo)))

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OMG, I was just at that kid's myspace and it gets worse! He has a ticker that reads, "will you marry me, difficult child?" :wildone:and he also has 2 porn videos under the title "HEROES". :tears: What is wrong with these kids??

Even easy child is disgusted by her sister. :blush::tears:


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Sometimes it's better to not have so much access to myspace, cell phone logs etc. You can drive yourself crazy trying to follow everything they are doing. I know because I do it also:). When my difficult child was on my cell phone plan I was online all the time trying to figure when he was and wasn't taking to his wingnut girlfriend and I would drive myself nuts over it, because in the end, there wasn't really anything I could do about it because he was no longer living home.

You said you posted a comment in your difficult child's myspace. That's rule #1 when you are spying, don't give away your secrets :smile:

Even with my 17 year old easy child daughter. She's a typical teenager and once in awhile I find out she's doing something I would rather she didn't, and I always tell her someone saw her, or told someone something who told me. I never let her know where I get my facts from :smile: Her myspace is set to private at my suggestion so everyone in the world can't read about her, so I can't see what she has on hers, but I found her boyfriend's. Luckily he is a really nice kid and I never see anything on his about drinking, drugs, nothing illegal and nothing that makes my eyes pop out of my head. If I ever see anything on his that I know they are doing together, I'll find away to let her know, but not where I got it from.

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CYou said you posted a comment in your difficult child's myspace. That's rule #1 when you are spying, don't give away your secrets. Her myspace is set to private at my suggestion so everyone in the world can't read about her, so I can't see what she has on hers, but I found her boyfriend's."

See, that's the irony. She KNOWS I check her myspace and knows I can see everything. I even had the password (something tells me she changed it). She's just so stupid. And although I told her to set it to private, she doesn't, so everyone can see it. The last time I looked, she said she was 18 so all these really creepy men were leaving messages for her. I made her change it back to 17 and she did.


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and if they did buy them - they'd bring them back.

Hang in there Jo - we reached 18 and are now trying to figure out what to do now.


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That is what I hate about myspace. I scared the heck out of my easy child daughter when I made her realize that anybody reading her myspace could see what town she lived and where she went to school. I told mine she wasn't allowed to be on myspace unless she set it to private and didn't say what school she goes too, or the town she lives in. That is the difference between a easy child and a difficult child though, mine listened. My difficult child wouldn't have. He would have figured out a way for me not to be able to see what was in his!
I've got two difficult children that I'm willing to personally deliver anywhere at all ... I've often dreamed about sticking them outside with big signs attached to them that say, "FREE" in big red letters!!!

I'm sorry things are so hard for you right now. difficult children have a way of destroying family life!!! Or, should I say, any sort of life at all???

Please take care of yourself. Thinking of you. Hugs WFEN


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Maybe we could Freecycle them!! or arrange a swap. At least we wouldn't have to put up with the same old stuff for a little while....I'll trade my difficult child for....

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difficult child's story: I was scared and he and his girlfriend were calling me and leaving messages on myspace that they were going to kick my :censored2:. I didn't know what to do - I tell you stuff and you never do anything (???)!! I even called the police today and filed a complaint! She was blubbering and carrying on and telling me, [shocker], I don't understand!

So, my question was, why would she post lovey dovey messages to him on line if he was scaring her so? Why didn't she come to me and tell me? Oh yeah, because I wouldn't DO anything.

So I called the police and they took a formal complaint, spoke with the loser and threatened him with arrest if he didn't leave difficult child alone. difficult child is under house arrest and we've cancelled her myspace and cell. It's hard to know if what she is saying is true, but ultimately, she is responsible for who she lets into her circle and hopefully she will learn that...just don't know when.

I still would like to sell her if there are any takers~I know not you Linda...lol


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Jog....you shouldnt have canceled her myspace..you should have changed all the info and pictures to some of those gag pics you get in the email about very morbidly obese women and men. Heck I will send you some of MY pics. LOL.

Do you remember the thong picture? OMG...I rolled over that one.


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Well.......I am not in the market for any more kids.....but....I do have an idea.

Regarding the myspace thing, I would contact a local PD (police department) and let them know that Mr. 21 won't stop emailing and has called in the past. They can get on your daughters MY Space and talk to this clown and really make him think he's going to hook up and then hook up with a cop. You can also ask the police to patrol your home during the afternoon if you suspect this sort of behavior is going on. He could be "casing" your house and brining friends that are looking through your stuff while he's occupying your daughter. (seen it happen)

You can change the locks on the doors - NOW. If he has been to your house he's smart enought to get a "let me have a spare key" kind of situation. SHE wouldn't get a key, but could stay with a neighbor or at a study library. I would also befriend a neighbor to watch your home and call you at work.

You can install a camera-nannie too.

Not trying to scare you, but we've been there done that with "stupid girl" and 2 living children (5 total from 14 to 22) later she's STILL a stupid girl, and I haven't talked to her in over 1 1/2 years. She likes her life on her own without my raised eyebrows, (her bio mom does too - as does her bio mom's live in crack addict, meth selling boy friend). Sometimes you just have to walk away and say a silent prayer.

Hugs for your heart.


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This is a joke, ok, but one of the things I don't worry too much about is someone abducting my two difficult children--figure it wouldn't last long...

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We long ago gave up on selling, or trying to give away. We even resorted to "we will pay you if you take him", but still no takers. :hammer: :rofl:

So lots of luck. :rofl:

Pam R.


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About someone abducting our difficult children - what was the name of that film again, with Bette Midler as the woman being kidnapped? And the husband refuses to pay the ransom, and the kidnappers want to get rid of her somehow?

That's what I always visualise when someone comments on "he could be abducted..."



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Sorry Jo, It sure does sound like she is up to no good. Not sure what difficult child's go for these days but am sure that anyone looking for a 17 year old female isn't someone youd want her around. :rofl: -RM