difficult child going to public school for senior year


I can't even begin to say how excited, terrified and so many other emotions I am right now. difficult child 1 is going half days this first semester to one of the public schools near her Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She will continue to go the other half of the day at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) school. Then as long as it works she will go to public school all day the second semester.

This is a huge deal as she has only been in public school for less than a month her sophmore year since 7th grade.

We had general staffing today. It went well. I just don't even know where to begin about it. Then we got to go to the school and help register her. (That was a strange experience)

So many things going through my mind at this time. Then as I got back to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) with her and husband (we went shopping for school clothes and she did well) I asked a question. Well more like several. But with all the things they were talking about I asked since she is getting to go to school does that mean we get to have pictures. They said the school doesn't do pictues for the seniors but an organization in the county she is in will help pay for Senior pictures. I was surprised. Then I asked if she gets to participate in activities and I was told within reason and of course depending on behavior she can go to homecoming, prom, and many other things. She can join a club if she wants. I sat there and started to tear up. Of course in typical difficult child fashion she goes "Why are you crying?" Her counselor smiled and said that what moms sometimes do. Which thankfully saved me from having to come up with an answer she might understand. So often when we have difficult children they don't get to do the most common things because of their own choices and behavior but as wierd as it sounds I feel like we get cheated on that too. They would never understand that but there are somethings that you just sort of see happening when you have kids. I know none of us can control what will happen to our kids but after so many things to not see her do to know she will have the chance to do these things just makes the mommy heart happy.

The hard part is she is 3 hours away. But I told staff if she has any of these activities and I don't know about them (like I haven't already downloaded the calendar from the school she is at) to let me know so I can come click the camera.

husband and I had such a good drive home after a very long day with staffing, a family session, registration and shopping (not to mention goint out to eat). We usually review everything to make sure one of us didn't miss something and this time it felt so good. I know it could all change tommorow but I am clinging to it today. For once I can see a glimmer of a future for this child.

And as a bonus when I got there I was going to let them know I was not pushing easy child to have a relationship etc. Well I didn't right away it came up in the session from the social worker and bless difficult children counselor she said before I could when and if PCs therapist says she is ready is when it will move ahead. I was overjoyed that someone understood and I didn't have to get on my soapbox I had taken with me about it. Then in the car talking to husband about it (he brought it up). I actually go him to understand how I felt about it.

Sorry so long but I just had to share this because so often alls I do is complain.



No real answers to life..
Hope the public schooling goes well, sounds like at least some counselors are on track with you.....

Wishing you a "normal" high school experience.......


I can relate to the teary eyes. So many things that come naturally to others are so important to difficult child's. They are already singled out because of their disabilities, the small things are so big. Good luck, hope she has a great experience.
I am so happy for you and your family that difficult child is making this very real move back to the mainstream! I hear your strengthened hope coming through in your post. Hang on to it and know that we are thinking good thoughts for difficult child's success, one step at a time. Senior year is awesome in so many ways, and she will build some great memories.