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    difficult child is doing much better this year. Still very self centered with little ability to show empathy but much improved. No explosions and sometime even an apology.

    Yesterday was the last meeting of a club he was a member of. He decided to buy the group two large pizzas and sodas. He paid for them himself and did not ask anyone for contributions. One student stated that he could not join the group as he had to meet his mother. This student left, the rest of the group ate the two pizzas. The kid came back (apparently mom said she could wait). But, the pizza was gone. He got mad. My difficult child said he could have two sodas to make up for not getting any pizza. He remained angry and demanded that my difficult child give him money to make up for not having any more pizza. My difficult child said no. The kid yelled and stormed out.

    On the way home husband and difficult child talked about it. husband pointed out that although the kid's behavior was rude and over the top, it was not that different from the same types of behavior that difficult child had displayed in his past. difficult child said that he understood how the kid felt and was not angry himself. But it did give him a new and highly needed prospective.
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    Such a wonderful thing when they finally see themselves!
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    What a wonderful LIFE lesson!! They seem to get it better when they are the recipients of the behavior they display. My difficult child 1 is one of those that needs to see it to believe it. This is the type of situation that I could refer back to when he acts the same way. Good for husband for explaining it.

    LOVE it!!
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    Yes, isnt it wonderful when they learn about what being a difficult child is from other difficult child's. Cory was robbed by someone he knew and that is when he came to me and apologized profusely for stealing from me because at that point he realized how badly it felt to have something taken by someone you knew and trusted. He was crying when he said he could only imagine how much worse it must have been for us when it was our own child. Lightbulb moment.
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    Loving it! :choir: