difficult child home alone!

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    So, easy child and I went on a little road trip for three days. We left Monday morning and returned at 2 am this morning. difficult child wanted to stay at the house by himself rather than going over to bonehead's place.

    So, we talked about it, discussed safety and security (along with hygiene!), he gave me a list of things that he wanted to have for meals and off we went!

    He did great! He took care of the dog, no inside accidents while we were gone. He only called me twice. I called him several times a day thought. I got home last night, or rather early this morning, and he was clean, the dog was happy, the house was clean - there was nothing to complain or rail about.

    What the heck?

    Anyway, just had to brag that he did great! Bonehead and I were a little iffy about him staying by himself, but he said he felt safe with the dog and the alarm. He did camp out downstairs and sleep on the sofa near the dog's kennel!

    I'm going to start planning another trip! But seriously, you guys know what I'm talking about. We want to go and visit an old friend or family member and you take your difficult child and they complain, they sulk, they ask when are we going home, etc. It was nice to focus on me and who I was with without worry ;).

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    Have you ever noticed that difficult children are a PITA but when you need them to step up - a lot of times they DO?!

    And a lot of times they don't. But I believe they're all good kids down deep.

    Next door neighbor has a difficult child. Finally got him into counseling and on Lexapro and he's the kid she knew was in there somewhere. I told her to join the board!
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    kinda like that saying about you never know what your kid is capable of unless you challenge them.

  4. Fran

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    Excellent news about difficult child.
    We all love the steps forward into self sufficiency. Good for him and good for you for the supportive trust.
    Glad you had a good trip too.
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    WOW! My difficult child would never have been able to do it overnight at that age! Way To Go difficult child! No anxiety in him, HUH?

    Glad you had a nice trip.
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    I'm so impressed with your difficult child!! Congrats to him for doing such a great job! :)
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    Well done.........
    to both Mom and difficult child.
  8. timer lady

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    Sharon ~ so happy to hear that difficult child is showing signs of self sufficiency & responsibility. This is so very cool.

    You did good, Sharon. difficult child learned the skills you've been teaching him all along.