difficult child is a "lithium responder"

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    He has been much more talkative, which is a good thing, because he has been doing incredibly stupid things lately and he's very willing to tell us all about it.
    He's Mr. Motor Mouth.
    And today, while he was begging me to do something for him, instead of just yelling "Hurry up!" he saw that I was getting something out of the cabinet (vitamins or something) and he grabbed my teacup and filled it with-water. Huh?
    I told him that was a very good thing to do, that instead of just yelling at me to hurry, he did something productive to help me on my way. He assessed the situation and could see that I was in the middle of something. (Never mind that it was for his own ends, it's still a start!)

    It's not the end-all and be-all drug, but it's a great start.
    I really, really want to work on the anti-anxiety medications in a cpl wks at our next appointment.

    Meanwhile, he is, as I said, doing terribly stupid, destructive things, extremely impulsive, so that it's like he has no conscience, and we have to get to work on that. I want to find someone who can probe deeply into his mind instead of just behavior modification.

    It was great to be away from him for a few days. He was at camp while husband and I were in Colo. at my b-i-l's "celebration of life." It was a hard working, sad trip but still, very worth it and nice to know that there is another way of life out there with-o difficult child ...

    Oh, and another thing ... husband confronted difficult child last night about some stuff we found in his room (long story, more of the same, habits we thought were broken :( ) and there were tears but no explosion. He still argues but it's not the HUGE explosions he used to have. I can't help but think it's the lithium ...
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    medications are never "the" answer... but without them, answers can be very hard to come by. There may be need for other medications (my difficult child has 5 scripts) to find that "sweet spot". But... ANYTHING that makes it easier to reach them, easier to communicate... is HUGE win.
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    It sounds like things are moving in the right direction! :)
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    So glad to hear the lithium is helping:)
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    It does sound promising. How long has he been on the Lithium? Enough time to think it is going to stay working or might this just be a honeymoon on it? I hope it stays working and that it is one more step closer for you. As for anxiety, that is one thing that we're also suppose to work on at the next appointment with mr busy too. He's super impulsive as well and while the stimulant slows him ever slightly, we can't find any other medication to work then what he is on so we are stuck but the anxiety HAS to be addressed now.

    Good luck! :)

    Glad you had time away and got to enjoy it too!