difficult child is home!!!

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    Hi everyone! I just had to share because I am so happy to say that difficult child is home from the psychiatric hospital today!!!
    We've missed him so much! He spent a little over a week there to try to get some diagnosis, and get a handle on his suicidal thoughts, anger, and hallucinations.
    They put him on Risperdal. He's only been home for about 4.5 hours, but what I am seeing so far is pretty positive. He hasn't gone on for hours about random topics, no screaming, no hitting, etc. He's been a little on the quiet side, but has enjoyed sitting and speaking with me in a logical manner, playing with this toys, hugging his little sister, and telling me how much he loves me!
    I know that this does not mark an end to our struggles, not by a long-shot, but I do at least feel that we are going in the right direction. Over the next few weeks, we have appointments with the psychiatric hospital's outpatient clinic for medication checks, weekly therapy with the psychologist, and intake with our county's MH/MR office. The docs suggested wrap-around services for him, so we will soon be getting an aide for him at school. Not sure what else that have in mind. We are waiting to hear about Medical Assistance, as all of these services require it for some reason. Hopefully he gets it!
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    I am glad it is going well. wraparound serives are very important: I am making sure those are in place when my daughter returns.
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    :D I'm so glad you got him home before the holiday, Angel has spent a couple of holidays inpatient and it really messes it up for everyone. One year she had a big blowout when found out Easter Bunny wasn't allowed to deliver her basket of chocolate there. Every discharge she always goes straight for the vending machines in the lobby for chips (salt & grease) and chocolate. In Angel's world there are only 3 food groups salt & grease, chocolate and final group consists of all the stuff mom says is good for her. Coincidentally Angel's first psychiatric hospital stay they added Risperdal also and thankfully it kept the rages under control so I could educate myself about her diagnosis and get some services lined up. Your child will probably still have the "honeymoon" going for a couple weeks so enjoy it while you have it.
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    Happy Holidays to you all. I'm thrilled for you. DDD