difficult child Is So Mad At Me!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Our kids have off for this whole week. Mid winter recess they call it. I call it a waste of a week, but what do I know? easy child wanted to go to sports camp for the whole week (M - F, 9am - 3pm) so he gets out of the house, away from his brother, and is happy and busy.

    difficult child? Not so much. He's ****** that easy child wanted to go to camp rather than sit home all week and enterain him. I told difficult child yesterday that he's been really well behaved for the past week (I've noticed a BIG improvement since we took him off the Zoloft) and that as long as he could continue it I would take him to Monster Mini Golf this afternoon, which is this indoor mini golf place. difficult child has never been there, but really wants to go, so he was THRILLED yesterday when I told him this.

    Fast forward to this morning. OMG!! The screaming and yelling at easy child! difficult child was bothering easy child and easy child told him to stop. difficult child went absolutely through the roof because easy child didn't say, "Please stop" and carried on for the next 45 minutes about it. By the time I took easy child out the door to take him to camp he was in tears, and we actually left a few minutes early just to get away from difficult child. He was still screaming as I walked out the door and said, "Sorry, but I don't think that Monster mini golf is going to be an option today. We're leaving and I'm going to the grocery store after I drop easy child off. Bye!"

    So, I took easy child to camp, booked his birthday party at the place where the sports camp is taking place, stopped at McDonalds for a hot chocolate, and went to the store. I was gone about an hour and a half. As I was driving home difficult child called me to ask me where I was told. I told him on my way home and that I told him I was going grocery shopping. He forgot. I get home. He comes out the door and apologizes to me for being really nasty to me. I told him that he needs to apologize to someone else, too. He says he won't until easy child says "please" to him, which makes me CRAZY because he refuses to say please to anyone, but everyone has to be polite and say please to him. Grrrrr!! I was putting the groceries away and I tell difficult child that we're still not going to mini golf. He didn't completely fly off the deep end, but he was clearly not pleased. I told him that he apparently calmed down and if he could stay that way maybe I would take him tomorrow.
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    Oh Bunny. What is it with our difficult child's expecting one thing out of everyone else, but not themselves? Good for you for sticking to your no minigolf. Is your difficult child on anything in place of the zoloft? My difficult child had problems with zoloft, and is back on Celexa, but we are not seeing the results we would like. She said her anxiety level is still really high, and she is still sad much of the time. Just wondered if you had found something that was working better.
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    It stinks so badly when we get all ready to give them the positive interaction they need so much and then they blow it big time. I always give chances too... one way or another or Q would do nothing. He gets too excited/anxious about even fun things and I can count on something not so pleasant happening.

    Hope he can turn it around! So glad easy child is going to a fun activity this week....
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    He's been really well behaved since this morning. I told him that if he can keep himself together I would take him tomorrow. I hope he can do it, because I was actually looking forward to taking him because he was so excited about it.

    Stressed, he's on risperdal, which is a mood stabliizer and he's had really good results with that. We added the Zoloft last August to help combat his anxiety, but we took him off of it in January because he was making his aggressive and angry. Really nasty to be around. He had been on Celexa the year before but he had the same problem with that medication as well and had to be taken off of it. He says that he would rather deal with the anxiety than behave the way he was behaving. It was that bad.
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    I'm sorry. For all of you. been there done that.