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    After a brief discussion about swine flu and whether or not I should visit him this weekend because of it, he said he knew that his problems weren't all my fault and there were many things he did on his own. I asked if he'd told therapist that and he said no but that it was because he did realize after today's meeting that I was right- sometimes he did forget how things really happened. He said he didn't mean to do it but he realized that he did find it easier to blame me for stuff and forget about all the facts. (This is not the first time I have heard this from him.)

    So, we had a decent chat about him understanding that I couldn't let him do whatever he wanted and that I did understand that he had a good heart and did really try to do the right thing. He said it bothered him to think I would nnever trust him again and I told him that this was not the issue- but that it would take time and that I know I am not perfect but I felt me being too strict did not cause this. He said he knew. And we both mentioned how it hurt our feelings to hear the other didn't trust us. It seems like we are doing better on our own- without the therapist. LOL! It's not the first time I have felt that way.
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    Sounds like a nice conversation with difficult child:)
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    Every little step that he makes to more acceptance for his actions, can lead to him owning his condition. Than then can mean he is taking resposibility to manage it in a way that is best for him and for those around him. Could be a major victory for all of you if he will keep on track with this.

    Glad you had a good meeting
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    Thank you both! We'll see if difficult child discusses this with therapist- I wonder how my conversation will go with her when she calls this week. Truthfully, I have no idea why she's calling unless it's to try to convince me that difficult child is a easy child now and that we have to have a behavior contract in place or something like that.