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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 28, 2011.

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    husband's brother, wife and their three kids are visiting and staying with my in-laws, who live basically around the corner and down the block from us. Very close. easy child and their oldest son, who is a true difficult child himself, are the same age (4 months apart) and they get along fabulously. They just love to play together and put Legos together. sister in law and I love to see it. So, yesterday nephew called and asked if easy child could come down and play with him. He got new Legos for Christmas and wanted to play with them with easy child. easy child went down to play and was there pretty much all afternoon. difficult child kept asking when he was coming home, and I told him that he was coming home when he was done playing with cousin.

    Today, easy child was going to an all day sports camp. difficult child asked him he wanted to play this game when he got home from the camp. easy child said yes he would, but he also told cousin that he would play with him again today. difficult child pulls me aside and is just beside himself. "He's going to play with [cousin] again? He just played with him yesterday? You said that I would have the whole break to play with [easy child] and he's spending the whole time with [cousin]!"

    Poor difficult child just can't understand that easy child might want to spend time with someone who is not nasty to him, and who does not spend the whole time they are together telling him that he has to play his way or no way!

    I solved difficult child's saddness about easy child wanting to play away from him by having easy child play with cousin after dinner and this way difficult child and easy child can hang out together in the afternoon.
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    I totally understand. difficult child 1 is the same way. He's mean to difficult child 2 and is constantly making comments about what difficult child 2 doesn't do right, etc and then has no idea WHY on earth difficult child 2 doesn't want to play his new Wii game with him. I sooooo hear you. Glad you solved YOUR situation. Want to solve mine? LOL
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    Siblings are so hard when they are growing up. I truly thought mine were going to kill each other somewhere along the way during those years. There were days when I seriously tossed them out the door and told them not to come in until someone was dead. I thought they would never speak to each other again when they were adults. HA! As adults, they are close as peas in a pod. They actually adore each other even when the chips are down.
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    You handled it really well:)

    Janet-I'm not going to be at all surprised if my two never talk when they are older!
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    AWWW I always feel bad for difficult child's when they are so clueless. But it is so important for easy child to have that normal play time. You handled it perfectly.