difficult child miraculously landed a job

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. hearts and roses

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    At Dicks Sporting Goods, which such an irony as she is the most UNathletic person I've ever met besides my mother! Hahaha.

    In her interview, they asked her if she and her family were athletic and she said she told them that she used to play soccer (about 6 years ago), basketball (about 9 years ago), softball (also 6 years ago) and we go river rafting every year (she's gone twice). I mean, that's funny.

    Anyway, the job is PT to start so she has to be on her best behavior so they give her FT and she will eligible for bennies. I guess we shall see - I have little hope, but I'm trying to visualize this working out for her in a positive way. I can imagine her making floor manager if she puts her mind to it. She's actually a good worker when she is working...it's getting there on time and in a decent state of dress that's the hard part.

    She didn't come home last night. I called her at 4AM. It was icy here last night and I was worried she was in a ditch. She said she was sorry, but whatever, I know she wasn't. I reminded H that the deadline for her to be working passed and he said, "Well, she did get a job"...I said, "Yeah, but she's not actually working yet!"...and he said, "It's just a matter of a few days"...I cannot win in this with him. He says he is taking charge and then does nothing.

    I am off to do shores and errands now. Have a lovely day - keep fingers crossed that difficult child doesn't blow this job! Thanks~
  2. Hound dog

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    Glad she got a job. And I hope she sticks to it.

    Too funny about the non athletic part. I wonder what she's gonna do when a customer asks her about certain sports equipment for the sports she says she's played. lol Oh, well. She's certainly not the first to over extend in an interview.

    Keeping fingers crossed.
  3. Kathy813

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    My easy child worked at Dick's last year. She was in the women's apparel department and didn't like it very much. She quit right before Christmas.

    I don't think it was Dick's fault. easy child is just not a people person and didn't enjoy working with customers or having to fold clothes and keep the department straight. I think that she would have been happier as a cashier but they wouldn't let her switch.

    She told me the other day that she just didn't like this "whole working thing."

    I told her to get over it. :rofl:

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your difficult child likes it and finds her niche. A working difficult child is always a good thing.

  4. hearts and roses

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    Too funny! difficult child has already told me many many times how she doesn't feel that she should have to work. I pretty much tell her to join the club.

    The most ironic thing about her getting a job at Dicks is that she had that job at Sharper Image and hated working in retail! She claimed she is not cut out to work "with" people. She hated having to sell things.

    In this job she is starting in women's apparel, then shoes, then cashier. I think she will do okay on the cashier. I think if she put her mind into it and embraced it, she'd make a great manager or something. Fingers crossed!

    I think when my easy child chose to go into the culinary field she was thinking she'd get to bake all day and she loves that. I don't think she realized how time consuming it is and how much she'd have to know and how long she'd be on her feet!!
  5. Marcie Mac

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    Well, a job is step one :) Will keep my fingers crossed that she keeps it until something better comes along.

  6. Star*

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    Okay Mom -

    THIS is a good thing - Um....okay? Don't think about it - just LETERGOOOO and maybe she can/will/(OH I'll pray) do well here.

    As far as husband - I have my own theory about him. (Mr. I don't see the deal in cards) - I think if you and difficult child have been arguing and he can't take it, but he can't take sides without loosing - he tells YOU he's in charge of difficult child knowing that if only for a while - YOU will back off and let difficult child do, go, be - he doesn't have to hear the arguing. This too shall pass.

    Like a bowling ball sized kidney stone.

    But dear - on that job - BRAVO fingers crossed. :tongue:
  7. Suz

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    Jo, I think it's great that difficult child got a job. I hope it goes well for her. It will make such a difference in her life if she finds something she enjoys.

    Fingers crossed.

  8. Coookie

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    Hoping with everything I have that this works out for difficult child.... :thumbsup: Not worrying about the outcome is the toughest on us I think but it is another good way to learn to let go. :) After all what choice do we really have? We either let go or turn completely grey and wrinkly. :nonono:

    She may surprise you. :)