difficult child - off to ER

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Kjs

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    Please read my update on headaches again. He just now called with such severe headache he can't talk. i am so scared. He wants to go to ER.

    On my way home from work now.
  2. nvts

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    KJS! Praying that he'll feel better quickly! Keep plugging away!

  3. TerryJ2

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    Oh no! So sorry.
  4. tiredmommy

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    Please update when you can. {{{Hugs}}} to you and difficult child.
  5. Andy

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    Come on Doctors, we need to figure this out NOW! This kid has suffered to much!!! How can someone suffer so much and no one can see why?

    Prayers that somebody finds the cause real soon like in yesterday!

    So frustrating!!
  6. bran155

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    I am so sorry. I know you must be scared, but try not to panic. Sending you support and {{{HUGS}}}, keeping you and him in my prayers. Keep us posted. God bless.:)
  7. TerryJ2

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    Are you back yet?
  8. How scary! Sending support and hugs!
  9. Kjs

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    difficult child called husband since he is only 15 minutes away vs 45 minutes away. I met them at the hospital. I knew difficult child hasn't been feeling well, muscle aches, headache, stomach... But I did not realize he wasn't drinking.

    They had trouble finding his vein because he was dehydrated.
    They gave him an IV. Took Blood and gave him an injection of Tordel.

    Doctor called his pediatrician. Then did a CT scan. With the blood tests he did just general tests including sediment test to see if there was inflamation. All tests were normal.

    Follow up with pediatrician and he can order more specified tests. He also said it is time to revisit the neurogist. Dr. said he should not have to live like that. At least 4 weeks no. When he takes Advil, Excedrin and Tylenol #3 it eases the pain but never takes it away.

    Dr. Asked what order we do this. He was told by pediatrician (befoer he reitred) he can take up to 4 advil. If that doesn't work take one excedrin.

    ER doctor suggested takin TWO excedrin first. If that doesn't work go to the advil. If no relief ther take TWO tylenol #3.

    He was completely out of it. Went there in his sleeping clothes. Could not open his eyes, stomach hurt. ...was just really out of it. On the scale of 1 - 10 it was a 10....cannot handle the pain.
    After 4 hours and another call to pediatrician his headache was gone.

    Dr. told him it would be best to sleep today. But he is so excited that he has no headache it is tough getting to settle down. Rented him a movie, shut all the blinds. Heating pad on his neck He was STILL shaking when I got there.

    ER doctor said several times he should not have to live like this.
    ER doctor wants him to go to his pimary doctor and have him checked out and then he can order more specfic test.

    I promised him we would not leave until it was gonel

    well, it was gone. about 2 hours later it is starting to come back. took Advil..I have a heating pad out for is sore muscles, they will be very sore.

    Was a relief i guess. Just what knew what triggered them.

    I darkened the living room (doesn't want to go to bed. )heating pad is there. gave him permission to order a movie.

    I have been here done that. There would be no way I would let him leave if he had pain. A month of bad headaches leading up to this one is just tooo much. I was prepaired to tell them to try another drug, and another because we were NOT leaving until his head was completely painlessl
  10. smallworld

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    Kjs, dehydration can make headaches worse. Definitely get him to continue to take liquids (water, juice, gatorade, popsicles, jello -- it doesn't matter what).

    As FOP suggested, it's also wise to get Lyme Disease testing. I'm sure that wasn't done at the hospital today.

    And call the neuro's office NOW to make that appointment.

    Hope he's feeling better soon.
  11. TerryJ2

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    Oh, Kjs.

    I agree, Popcicles or whatever it takes.

    And lots more tests.

    Poor kid! And poor mom and dad! Thanks for the update.
  12. poor kid! I hope they are able to find out what is causing this.
  13. Andy

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    I am so glad the ER doctor is recognizing the need for more tests.

    Since there was no pain for the short while, there has to be something the docs can find soon as to why it stopped in the ER but started back up at home.

    Is there something in the home he may be allergic to? Some underlying sounds or lights that trigger? And yes, dehydration does bring on headaches - that is why my difficult child is suppose to drink lots of gaterade or water. And I have a feeling that though keeping fluids up will not completely solve the problem but may help?

    Keep us posted.
  14. klmno

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    HUGS!!! FOP sent me a little info on Lymes disease, and I wondered if he'd been tested for that, too. This sounds so frightening and frustrating for you both.
  15. nvts

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    K! Can I make a suggestion? I was thinking along the line that Adrianne was. Could there be an underlying allergy? Just for kicks, why not try some benedryl when the next headache starts? Worse comes to worse it will help him sleep, but if it looks like it's really helping, it could point you in at least some type of direction.

    Still praying!

  16. Kjs,

    I am so sorry that you all are going through this. I suffered greatly from headaches as a child. My psychiatrist thought that they were migraines and food allergy based. I had a strict diet and spent a lot of time in darkened rooms.

    As an adult, I spoke with my neighbor who is a neurologist. He suggested that I take Aleve at the slightest hint of a headache. He also told me to take two at a time - but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea for a younger, smaller person.

    This was the best remedy that I ever had - but the headaches intensified. After further investigations , some CT scans and a MRI I was found to have a tiny little tumor on my pituitary gland. It was just enough to give me some serious headaches. I'm glad to say that after treatment, I rarely have headaches. But when I do, I go to a dark,quiet place after I have taken my two Aleve.

    I highly recommend visiting a neurologist. Does difficult child have aura before his headaches? Does he see flashing lights, or smell funny smells, or taste funny tastes? I always used to see flashing lights - like a strobe light. That clued me in to the approaching headache. I'm really hoping that you all can get some answers and some good treatment for difficult child. I can identify strongly. Those things are no fun!
  17. amazeofgrace

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    <<<prayers for healing and knowledge>>>
  18. susiestar

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    I am so sorry.

    Next time they give him toradol, be sure to ask more about it. It is a very strong NSAID. Works well for pain, but can cause stomach bleeding. It is rarely prescribed for home use anymore because it can cause stomach bleeding and cover up the pain of the bleeding. So people were having severe stomach bleeding and not knowing it.

    Did the ER doctor tell you he could take advil after the toradol shot? My docs have ALWAYS advised against it. I would also be careful with taking the tylenol #3 after excedrin. Excedrin has tylenol in it. difficult child should probably wait 4-6 hours from a dose of excedrin to a dose of tylenol #3. Ask the doctor for SPECIFIC prescribing instructions for all of these medications. Excedrin has an NSAID in it. Taking 800 mg advil after 2 excedrin is dangerous if they are close together timewise.

    This is one reason it would be a good idea to get a preventative medication for him.

    Are you/he keeping a headache diary to see how often they occur? this will greatly help any doctor you see in deciding what to do.
  19. Wiped Out

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    I hope they are able to finally get to the bottom of these headaches. Hugs to you and difficult child.
  20. Big Bad Kitty

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    Sitting here with a migraine myself. That poor kid. Oh I hope and pray they can find a cause and a remedy.

    Ask the neuro about Imitrex. It really helps a lot.

    Give him a hug and kiss from Auntie Bad Kitty.