difficult child on risperdal for first time

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    I have and 8yo difficult child. He is in a behavioral health hospital atm...comes home tomorrow. This is the first time he has ever been on medications. I have been trying to get help for 6 years or more. I am nervous about him being on medications. I would love to hear from other parents about this medication.
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    Does your difficult child have a diagnosis? What are his symptoms?
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    Hi and Welcome!!!
    What is his diagnosis? Why was he placed in the hospital? How long was he in? What is his doseage?

    Medicating is very scary- our first medication was Risperdal. It was great in the beginning, but for our daughter it was not the best Atypical Antipsychotic. a lot of times depending on what his diagnosis is, is you will combine an AP with a Mood Stabilizer...
    My difficult child is on Abilify and Lamictal...
    Mood Stabilizers like: Lithium, Depakote, Tegretol. Those are the big 3.

    What are his symptoms that they are trying to treat with the Risperdal?

    K was on it for mania, violence, auditory hallucinations, aggitation- her extreme high end reactions.

    She ended up having drooling, toungue thrust, mouth hanging open, increase agitation,involuntary movements (Tardive Dyskinesia) But a lot of AP's can do this... we found with K we have to start very low and go very slow with her increases.
    Hope this helps a bit .
    good luck
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    He was arrested last Wednesday for 4th degree assault domestic violence. His stepdad and I were court ordered at midnight that night to take him to the behavioral hospital. Today is the first time I have even had contact with his therapist. She said she was putting him on risperdal for his aggression. And oh my is he aggressive. Of course when I spoke to her today, she said he has been a wonderful child. This is the second time since May that he has been admitted into a behavioral hospital. The first place told me..the only thing wrong with him is that he is 100% boy. PFFFT! Yeh right!
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    My difficult child was on Risperdal for nearly a year. It worked really well for his aggressiveness, voilent rages, moodiness and quick temper. He wasn't so quick tempered while on the medication. He was able to blow off things that normaly would really set him into an anger fit.. After about 10 months he has too many negative side affects and had to discontinue the medication. (rapid weight gain, high triglisterides, high cholesterol & agitation in his legs)

    Does your difficult child have a diagnosis?
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    Your 8 year old was arrested?? I can't understand arresting an 8 year old. My 5 year old was on risperdal for about 8 months. It worked pretty well but we stopped it due to weight gain issues..
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    Yes...he was arrested. He had been staying at his biodads house, he had been there less than 10 days, and he flipped out on his dad's fiance, and her mom. She had to call the police 3x's on him because he was just in a fit of rage. By the 3rd time the police had came, my husband and I were at the house with him and the fiance. difficult child was beating his head on the ground, scratching his face, smacking his legs, etc etc. As soon as the finace said to the police that he had hit her and pushed her down...handcuffs were slapped on his wrist and to the back of the car he went.
    Now, he has to go in front of the judge on Tuesday. I dont know whats gonna come of the courtdate, I'm really worried about difficult child tho.
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    I am so sorry to hear that your 8 year old was in handcuffs in a police car....Your child needs help...he doesn't need to be arrested. I understand his behavior was out of control, but the a hospital is the answer not the police car.