difficult child or not?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Discuss amongst yourselves.
  2. klmno

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    Well, he's clearly a handful as a child. And, I don't think he needs to be in any place named "Imagination Station"- sounds to me like he has all the imagination he needs already!!

    But- I hold the day care responsible for this one- think about it- if you were the parent, would you feel comfortable taking your kid back there? He was 5, not 11. Didn't he say he wanted to go to the restroom or something? What if he's been in the restroom passed out or sick- how long would it have been before anyone noticed? Day care workers shouldn't just account for the kid "when they notice", they are supposed to keep up with where they are and what they are doing all day long. JMHO!!

    I do agree, though, that this little one can make that job difficult!
  3. HereWeGoAgain

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    I was just gonna say, so the staff at Hooters noticed the boy but the daycare didn't? What's wrong with that picture? Maybe I've been misjudging Hooters?
  4. Hound dog

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    At least he looked both ways before crossing the street! :rofl:

    I wouldn't be using that daycare anymore. Period. Five year olds should have better supervision than that.

    I watched a little boy once. OMG Major difficult child. Would give any of our difficult children here stiff competition. lol He ran the apartment complex, literally, at age 3 because his parents couldn't control him at all.

    I watched him and his baby sister for a week. Then I told the Dad that enough was enough. Wasn't the kid. Although I suspected severe autism. It was a safety issue. I had 2 toddlers of my own, another 3 yr old, and his baby sis to think about. I had to tell Dad that I couldn't be constantly dragging his son back into the house and never taking my eyes off of him while still managing to take proper care of the other kids.

    Dad (a local cop) was not happy. But I found out from the boy's mother a while later that he wasn't happy because I was the only one who'd lasted a whole week. He was hoping I was their answer. Geesh! Work was Mom's relief from the child.
  5. Star*

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    Uh huh - I think this is a load. And good PR for Hooters.
  6. mstang67chic

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    I did have to laugh at the fact that he went to Hooter's of all places. As for the daycare.....ok sure, by law the fire exit has to be unlocked. Did it not occur to this lady to put an alarm on it? With all the safety measures daycares have in place these days (no picking up kid without authorization, etc.) and she's got an unlocked door??? Geesh. Makes me wonder what all of those previous citations were for.
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    According to my nephew (age 10) he likes to go there for their hot wings. According to him, they're AWESOME!!! That's the story he's been telling for a couple of years now, and his mom seems to buy it.
  8. KTMom91

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    I would also blame the day care. You would think they would be counting noses or using the buddy system or something, especially if the bathroom was in another area. And not having an alarm on the emergency door is simply stupid. I'm guessing that someone could also come IN undetected? There's definitely a security problem there.

    I wonder too how long he was gone, if he managed to cross major streets, get a soda and candy, and then continue on to Hooters a half mile away? How often does the Stop-n-Rob get unaccompanied 5-year olds? And why did the kid have money on him? Two citations for improper supervision, the article said, and then this happens, and some woman still trusts the place?
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    In defense of the Mom- she might not have known about the citations. Anyway- I learned something interesting tonight from my difficult child. We were joking around about the time that I couldn't get to work and get him to day care one morning when he was about 5 yo because I couldn't find my car keys. I eventually found them in the back corner of the refrigerator- behind a bottle of juice. Of course, I knew then that difficult child had hidden them. We were joking because I said he apparently thought I would buy his story of "it wasn't me, Mom"- when no one else lives with us.

    The interesting part is that tonight, difficult child told me that the reason he had hidden them is because the boys in his day care group (all around 5 yo) had decided to take their parent's car and drive to a store to steal candy. Imagine the look on my face at that point!
  10. DammitJanet

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    Hmmm...Im thinking this is a difficult child. He planned his getaway. He had money on him and he went to look at Hooters. Yep...difficult child. Pretty darned smart for a 5 year old. His parents are going to be having a time with him when he hits about 13...lol. He will be sneaking the family car and hitting the bars with a fake ID.
  11. susiestar

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    difficult child or not, the daycare is totally at fault. I don't see a rosy future for that business.

    When my now grown nephew was 10 he made my sis in law take him to HOOTERS for his birthday. His baseball team had gone there for awards night and he liked the place!!!

    When Wiz was in 1st grade we pulled him out of the school district's daycare because I walked up and the kids were outside with no adult in sight. I was ******. MY Wiz WAS the type of kid to plan to go rent a movie adn then go home - and could have planned getting the $$ and a housekey and sneaking off. I actually took my son home, got a neighbor to watch him, then went to the daycare and asked where he was! They couldn't find him - said they couldn't watch ALL the kids ALL the time. I was more than mad. They still hadn't noticed he was gone!!!!

    You gotta wonder what life has in store for the kid who went to HOOTERS at age 5!
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    I think definitely *not* a difficult child. This kid planned, was careful, paid for his snacks, and looked both ways (plus, he ended up at Hooters!! :rofl: ). I say budding genius.

    A difficult child would have just taken the snacks and run willy nilly across the street, right?

    Daycare on the other hand needs to be ... well, shut down is about the kindest thought I can muster for them.
  13. Abbey

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    My sentiments exactly.

    Do you know how many times a customer will push their cart up next to me with a child and ask me to watch it 'just for a few minutes' while they do something? It's like NOOOO. Not that your kid isn't adorable, but heck no am I going to be responsible for that.

    Kudos to Hooters.

  14. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow, I thought when easy child was in daycare I had problems. Guess I should count stitches and some normal childhood diseases not a big deal. At least she didn't escape.