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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by happymomof2, May 20, 2008.

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    :furious:One of the aides in my son's class is pushing his buttons. I am about ready to go push hers!!!!

    He has 8 more days, then next year he is going out to VE classes. Less student to teacher ratio. A month and 1/2 ago his teach said if he keeps up the pace he was at he would be out of self contained next year. When I called to set up the IEP they changed there minds. At that point he had not gotten into any trouble since Christmas!!

    He got a referral today because the aide thought he said something he didn't say. Instead of asking him etc... she just said lets go see the warden. He used some colorful language because he was upset because he thought if he had to go see the warden he wouldn't be able to get out next year.

    Maybe I am totally wrong but I feel they are trying him because I took him out without there recommendation. Of course we all know the public school system gets more money for kids in self contained.

    They did not know I was already at the school talking to the principal about the warden and another teachers class that was causing problems.

    The vice principal and one of the counselors say they see it and are trying to help us out.

    He will be spending the day tomorrow with the counselor. Thursday I am keeping him out. How do you go up against these people? We are running on a short time span here. I am not going to allow this aide to do this, but I do so want to handle it in the right way.

    If difficult child screws up and gets in trouble then he has to pay the consequences I am not defending him in that manner. But I WILL NOT allow a teacher or aide or whoever to deliberatly push his buttons.

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    Wanted to add that this is not the first time I felt she was unfair but just chalked it up in times past to her having a bad day. Did mention that on one of his point sheets one time.

    Guess I should not have waited to address it. But I also can't run up to the school every time a teacher has a bad day and doesn't handle something properly. If I did they would see me coming from a mile away and sooner or later just tune me out.

    He has 3 more years at this school. I am just trying to calm down, I can't go up there and show my a**.
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    It's not good when the educators become the problem. Sorry.

    By what means?

    I'd first politely address this with the principal via email, and if that doesn't work go from there.

    Also, does your difficult child have a BIP? If so, does it address this issue?
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    The vice principal and counselor understand the tension on what they call "the island", it's a group of portables that the ESE kids are in. The VP went and talked with difficult child the other day when things got heated and calmed the situation. The counselor is helping us out with 5th period, it is the class he is having problems with another kid in. She is letting him come up to guidance to help her out these last few days during that period.

    Kind of embarrassed to admit this but what's a BIP? They have so many terms and abbreviations!

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    Behavior intervention plan.