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    Again. I know I was so happy to hear those three words "I love School" last week. But, it is a new week.

    He wanted engineering, so I had to go in to finagle his schedule (which they messed up, left out a class, and left out history)

    He told me in engineering all they do is take notes for two weeks, then start hands on. He told me if someone is late to class the teacher makes them do push ups, then he throws away the tardy. I have a feeling HE was late today. I got a message saying to call school. So I did. He apparently was trying to make an appointment with the counselor to get out of this class. The time frame has passed and that is not possible, he was back in class.

    Now, last spring at his IEP in Middle School, it was suggested I meet with the staff of the High School prior to school starting. I tried but was told there is a lot of staff change and would need to wait until school started.
    Again at registration I tried and was turned down again.

    With his anxiety, frustration (which turns to anger) he has in his IEP the use of a cool off pass. When teachers, or he feels anxiety or frustration settling in he is to use the pass (he can ask or teachers can tell him to use it) then go to a designated place, re-group and re-join class.

    Now all of you know how he suffers with his headaches. He told me Monday night that his Learning Stratagies Class (Special Education teacher instructs this only to Spec. Ed. students - - Two in this class) He told me he had a bad headache, asked if he could go get some medicine in the office. He said the teacher went off on him, screaming at him and told him if he is going to be like this he can get out. She initially told him no, but later allowed him to go get some medicine.

    Last week I recieved an email from the Program director of Special Education, who works for the district and oversees this school. She asked if I was still interested in a meeting and wanted to know what questions I had so they could be ready to answer them. She also stated that all of his teachers would be aware of his IEP by the end of the week. It was up to his Special Education teacher to do this.

    I don't know what to ask. I was hoping the IEP was self explanitory. I guess it is not. I sent a note back to this lady asking for a meeting. Asking if all teachers were aware of the accomodations that were in place. Asking what designated area he can go to if needed. Mentioned other things that were in place. I KNOW if we do not address the frustration then it will turn to anger and again will have a disasterous year or four years. Now this lady asked me what days I would be available at 7:10am to have this meeting. OK...school starts at 7:30. Not nearly engough time to go over IEP. Heck, it would take 20 minutes just to introduce ourselves!

    Do any of you experts have advise on what questions to ask. I had such a wonderful program director last year she would call me and suggest accomodations that would work, she took care of everything.

    And I also sent a note to the Special Education teacher as well as the program director explaining his headaches. I informed them of the recent happenings, the testing as well as his history of headaches and his medication in the office. Per his doctor, he is to take medication as soon as a headache startes to try to prevent it from developing into something he cannot handle. I told them if they need a slip from the doctor stating this I can do so, however it was never required before.

    He told me everyone calls him names like midget, shorty, "are you 5 years old". He said they are just mean. He seems to handle that well and does have new friends. Has never mentioned anything negative except for the headache incident the other day. No idea what happened today.

    I am hoping he will call me on his 35 minute break which is now. Then I am off to my second job working the lunch period in the various schools.
    High School has some good lunch. Middle school not so good, but choices. Elementary school is just nasty.

    Yesterday I was at elementary school. They got 15 baby carrots. 1 tablespoon ranch dressing. 1/4 cup fruit coctail and a nasty peice of pizza. Then they get 15 minutes to eat. Poor kindergardeners only got two or three bites and they made them throw it all away and sent them outside. But those little ones sure are cute.

    Off to a High School today. This is where the principal from middle school went. She was a god send last year and personally took difficult child under her wing. I would love to stop in and say hi. Just don't know if I will get by the office staff to do so.

    So, I'll be checking back later to look for your wonderful advice on questions for me to discuss regarding IEP.
    The fact that I tried to set up a meeting last spring, week before school, and again now has me so dissapointed in the way they handle this. Apparently only a handful of spec. ed students. Two others than difficult child.

    The spec. ed. teacher is partially deaf. difficult child said she talks very loud and is very hard to understand. We discussed all the hurdles she had to overcome o get where she is, so appreciate her.

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    I wish I had some good advice for you, but I have not been the high school route. Would it be better to post this over in the sped section too?
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    I have not seen an IEP so not sure how this would work:

    Give each person a copy of the IEP.

    Go through it line by line and ask each teacher:
    1. How are you going to implement this?
    a. Where will difficult child go for calming period in your class?
    b. Do you know where difficult child's medications are?
    2. What are some challenges you might see in accomplishing this?
    3. What do you need that you do not have to make this work?
    3. What questions do you have regarding this?

    That way you know that the teachers KNOW what the IEP says.

    If asked again for questions, give any questions you may have and then add, "I would like to review the IEP with everyone."

    I can't remember if you stated the headache are addressed in the IEP.
    Make sure all staff know that headache process is to be implemented IMMEDIATELY - they stop and give the medications NOW - not 20 minutes later at the end of class.

    I would request at least an hour and possibly AFTER school when teachers are not in a hurry to get to class.