difficult child. seems to have learned something!?!


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He made the decision not to go to the prom, TO SAVE MONEY FOR A TRUCK!!!!

He was here with all the excitement of girls running around getting ready and their dates stopping by for this a that. Some of the guys are my difficult child's old classmates that are grads this yr.

I worried how he would handle everything, but he took it all in stride. He laughed and seemed happy for them all. He took many pictures with his sister. The whole family was here to see her off and he was very pleasent with everyone.

He told everyone about his second job and his plans to save for a truck. He is very proud of himself and I was very proud for him.

He works everyday and runs to the gym to workout when he gets off. He says he has learned to work through his stress and decisions at the gym.

I am a very happy mom TODAY. I know tomorrow we could be right back where we were, but today is a good day. The last 2 wks have been good.

I have no idea what finally made him see the light, but ever since my rush home to "fix" his problems with easy child, he has been a different person.

I think he finally gave me the straw that broke the camels back and he knew that I had had enough!

But of course in difficult child land, that may not have anything to do with his changes. Who knows?

I was certain I would never see the son I raised again, but he has been here the last two weeks and I feel blessed.


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Glad to hear he didn't throw a wrench in his sisters prom. I'm also glad to hear that he seems to be getting it. Hopefully the son you raised will be sticking around for more then a few weeks. It is a nice feeling, I know!!

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Good for him! :bravo:

Maybe this is a good step forward toward maturity. You should feel proud and happy for him. :smile:


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I'm glad he is trying. Going to the gym is great, it will probably keep him from getting bored and like he said, it is a great way to relieve stress and bad decisions. Good for him.