difficult child started counseling today

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    And I doubt the woman will be a good match for us. First, she spent more than 1/2 the session talking about how she's a mandated reporter, which means blah, blah, blah. I wanted to tell her that if she felt anything from difficult child came across abusive enough to report, by all means, please do so! *I* tried reporting myself a few years ago after I found out what types of services they offered. Despite telling the CPS worker that I had spanked my 19 month old BABY, he couldn't open a case since there wasn't enough to go on. (*Yes, I know I recently posted something that was not a good moment for us, I felt it was the safest way to diffuse the aggression at hand)

    After she got past her lengthy CPS speech, she goes on to ask difficult child a few things. First was "So tell me about school." He sat there and stared at her. I asked her if she had looked at his file. She said yes. I said, well, he's autistic so you need to be a little more specific. So *I* asked the questions for him to answer so she could get an idea of what his school day was like. She asked him if he liked his teacher and he said no. She tried to talk about how great kindy teachers were and that he should try and like her, but I had to shoot that down as well (not in a negative way in front of difficult child). We've had problems with this teacher since day 1. Then she tried asking him what makes him mad. If he knew how to describe what made him mad, we would probably be successful talking at home.

    I don't mean to put down the basic questions a counselor would ask, but this child is severely speech/language impared, autistic, ADHD, etc. Sitting at a table discussing school, telling him he's basically wrong for how he feels about his teacher, and then appearing a little frustrated with his lack of communication just made for a very bad first impression.

    Oh, and I'm so done hearing how "hard it must be" raising 2 kids as a single mom. It 'aint easy, but I've never known any different. I thoroughly enjoy being able to tuck my kids in at night and having the rest of the evening to myself to read, watch TV, and sew!
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    Do you think counseling may be wasted on difficult child at this point? Would he benefit more from increased Occupational Therapist (OT) and speech therapy instead?
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    He absolutely would! While I would love for counseling to "work," I'm also using it to sort of prove a point and get some more help.

    difficult child's annual IEP review is coming up, and I'm going to request a handful of changes with the 2 biggest being his classification and adding at home ABA, or parent support (I know ABA is much different than just support). I need to prove to the school that I really am trying all outside services, but that difficult child is too low functioning for typical things, and too high finctioning for autistic/special needs things. This gives me the wiggle room to make the school district help us!
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    Hi there.
    Why do you feel he's too high functioning for autistic/special needs things? I disagree. Seems he has a hard time communicating and his behavior is probably triggered by typical Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) frustration.

    Autism is not a psychiatric problem. It's neurological. The school interventions have been invaluable for us, and my kid is very high functioning. Still, he does have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) quirks.