difficult child taking his final GED test tonight

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    Good luck :) :cheerleader: He didn't get to go last week like planned because there were not enough kids going so they rescheduled it. We had our family therapy today and I like this therapist. He was telling us that he is not going to come home as planned that he is going to start college there. He was accusatory with me saying that it sounded like I didn't approve and I told him that again I always have to be the bad guy and point out that we don't know if the JUDGE will let him leave the state--he has no license- no transportation- no job-no money -no room or board!!! I told him that i did not think that the person who had given him this idea had looked into all of the conditions. I told him that I am excited that he is making plans to go to college and will actually be starting a year year since he did his GED instead.
    He told us that he did not get his next phase because "he allowed himself to feed into the negative" with the student he was already having problems with (apparently they have not had the mediation yet :surprise:) and had a verbal situation with a staff member but he said that after it happened he prepared himself to know that he was not going to get his phase. The good thing is that the therapist said that he apologized to the staff and took responsibility for the situation :D The good thing is that with most places it has been my experience that he can do good for 29 days then loose his cool and it drops him back to square one so he never earns his level (duh- these people are supposed to be trained and they don't know that our difficult child's can't keep it together that long) anyway with this place he does not loose all he has earned he just doesn't move forward so he still should be able to earn his level before we can get up there.
    He did ask if we could go see him soon and it breaks my heart to not be able to go yet-no job-no money:sad-very:
    I asked if he has been able to attend :church: and the he said no. I know tht they do not let them leave to go but a lot of places make arrangements for someone to come to them to hear confession and give communion (catholic) so I called the church today and found out that they do have someone that goes so I will call him tomorrow since I had company tonight. I think that it will make him happy!!
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    Glad to see progress being made! Sounds like difficult child really handled the situation well after he lost control. Hugs.