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    Before the huge disasterous fight Tuesday night...

    I need to back up a bit. When difficult child was 2 he went to a psychologist due to some things he said at daycare (where something happened that we didn't know until the last few years). Anyway he tested him for about a week or so and told me he should be listening to foreign language tapes and classical music. Scared me. Didn't do that and didn't go back.

    Not until he was 4. When he would have me in tears within hours of getting up. Then they said ODD.

    Struggled with school forever. Put in Special Education when he was in sixth grade (age 10). Struggled every day of school. Still he would push my buttons always. I am always the enemy.

    He went to a psychiatrist in 5th grade. he put him on Lamictal for anger. it helped tremendously. He has a ton of anxiety and if i read the description for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anxiety disorder, panic disorder he fits every one. Tried lorazapam, tried lexapro...all had bad effects.

    difficult child says he can't concentrate. Teachers say he is disruptive, social, doesn't pay attention, doesn't do his work, rather bothers everyone around him. he loses absolutely everything. he can lose papers without ever leaving school. When I do go through his folder I find 2 or 3 or even 4 of the same hand outs. Why??? because instead of looking in his folder he tells the teachers he lost it. Math teacher asked where his paper and quiz were. She helped him on the paper then gave a quiz and he left the class with both. he said he didn't know. Went through his folder and it was there. Does he really not know? He tried concerta, he tried Focalin, both put him in a scary mood. His words were he felt like he was on a cliff ready to jump/fall.

    Ok so NOW I am upset again. His psychiatrist never tested him for anything. Never talked to him or me. Spends LESS than 5 minutes and just hands us pills everytime to "try". How can psychiatrist keep putting him on pills if he doesn't even know what is wrong. he hasn't spent any time with him and doesn't talk to him.

    I have tried before with my insurance to get him tested. First of all the results of the testing is what determines if it is covered. Isn't that stupid.
    Second nobody in my area who is on the plan will take new patients.
    Principal of his school gave me a name of a psychiatrist. he was on the board of a psychiatric hospital and said to tell her she was recommended by him. So. that did it. However, she no longer is with the group that is covered, she opened her independent practice. She was SO nice. Went on and on, talked to me. On the phone. Actually asked me questions and talked and listened. Wants me to come in. Said to have insurance fax her what they would pay for out of network and she could work with me. She said she would spend the first visit atleast an hour with difficult child.

    Talked to insurance man. Nope. They won't do that. And Dr's in my area are expensive so insurance would only pay about 1/4 of the bill. And psychiatrist's don't do testing only therapist's.

    Insurance man hooked me up with a therapist about 20 miles from my home in Illinois. But about 5 minutes from my work. Talked to the receptionist and she told me the procedures. First one hour meeting with me only. Then after that with difficult child. Then he will determine what kind of testing needs to be done. they want school records, school testing results. Well the appointment is tomorrow. I don't have access that fast.

    My question is should I pay out of pocket for the psychiatrist also? The therapist is on insurance and all the testing would cost me $15.00. Ofcourse that is if a diagnosis is given that is covered. Get this. Autism is covered but Aspergers or any other on the "spectrum" is not covered.

    What do you all think?
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    I don't know if this will help or not, my difficult child had an appointment with one days notice. I called her guidance counselor and asked him to fax all test results to the psychiatrist. He did it with no problem or complaint. They have all the right there are their finger tips. I don't know if they will do that for you but it is worth a phone call.
    When difficult child went to the doctor (neuropsychologist) he used the test results and decided there was enough information to request more testing for ADD/ADHD. Something I would have not assumed, if she has it then it is a mild case of ADD some things fit and some don't.

    I would try and see if the school will work with you and fax the records!
    Best of luck,
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    If you can afford it, I would pay for the psychiatrist that is out of network. The teen years are hard enough, with a difficult child a good match with a psychiatrist could help an awful lot. But I would probably wait until after the testing although I'm not sure why. If the match didn't prove to be great, I'd look for a psychiatrist in network.
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    Wow, that sounds a bit frustrating. These insurance companies are ridiculous. They cost an arm and a leg yet cover nothing that is needed!!! It's too bad, that doctor that was recommended by the principle sounds great!! Did you talk to her again and explain to her what your insurance guy said? She said she would work with you, maybe she could put you on a payment plan?

    In any event, I hope it works out for you. Good luck and let us know what happens. :)
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    If you can afford it, I would pay out of pocket for the psychiatrist and/or the testing.

    We have paid for a psychiatrist and several doctors out of pocket and they have been the best doctors we have seen. I think it is because they can charge what they need/want and don't have to rush patients out the door to get to the next fee.

    We have always been reimbursed by our insurance for part of the cost, but by the time they figure the "usual and customary" rate and apply their percentage and the deductible, it isn't much.

    We are about to do a neuropsychologist exam on difficult child 2. Insurance will pay less than 10% of the cost. Apparently, that is what they paid for the one 4 years ago that was covered by insurance. I didn't find that one to be especially helpful but since they were paid so little, it makes sense to me, now.
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    I would take whatever I could get. And I would pay out of pocket. (We pd for part of the psycoeducational testing out of pocket. Ins pd for the psychiatric stuff but not educ.)
    Fax machines are wonderful! Go for it. In fact, have it all faxed to the dr's ofc instead of your house.
    I'm sure you've got some papers at home, too. Be sure to make copies of everything.

    I hate it when dr's prescribe drugs with-o a diagnosis. They are playing guessing games. It infuriates me.

    Good luck!