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    I had this reply half typed and computer did something and I lost it I think.

    No drugs or alcohol. I know that at this point anyway. I do have him tested. he is terrified of drugs and alcohol. He is terrifed of taking what he is suppose to take, afraid of side affects or reactions.

    I called school Monday morning, Talked to his spec. ed teacher. (I never met him. He is new. difficult child's spec. ed teacher of two years passed away just before Christmas) Anyway, I talked with him about what has been going on. He immediately said he needs to alert the proper people and he would call me back. (very small school). Principal called to say that difficult child was being kept in the rescource room so he would be supervised. He and Special Education teacher met with him. Called the social worker(who works at several schools) he was suppose to call me back Monday anyway regarding the marks on difficult child's arms. Principal emailed me stating that they were turning the case over to the Crisis Intervention Center because they were unable to determine difficult child's state of mind.

    Social worker called to say he was meeting Crisis Intervention people at the school. I asked if I needed to be there. he said no. They will evaluate him and if they feel he is a danger to himself or anyone else they will "chapter" him. I asked what that meant, and it means they will hospitalize him.

    I wanted so much to go to school, but knew difficult child would be angry if I was there, and angry if I mentioned anything, so I waited for the phone calls.

    I had to go to work. I just get there and Crisis calls me on one line, Principal calls on the other and Cell phone was ringing.....Crisis said that they feel difficult child was safe. They had a long conversation. Gave difficult child their number he can call 24/7 if he feels he is losing control. (not going to happen). The people at school will be meeting with him regularly (daily...I had to ask what regularly means).

    He was 4 days into the new medication Intuniv.. No Vyvanse when there is no school. It really makes him a different person. Very withdrawn, quiet..just not himself.

    He had Final exams today and tomorrow. 1/2 day of school and then no school Friday. i had to work today and didn't want him home alone. Neighbor kept an eye on him, then his girlfriends mother picked him up and he went over there.

    I am now off until Sunday. difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment. on Friday.
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    Glad he has a psychiatrist appointment, and hope the rest of the week goes ok.

    Do you feel difficult child is safe?
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    He was 4 days into Intuniv when the episode occurred the other day? Or he's 4 days into Intuniv today? How's it going with that medication?

    Is the psychiatrist stopping Vyvanse altogether once Intuniv is on board for several weeks?

    Is Zoloft also going to be discontinued?
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    Could the knowledge of final exams coming up have been a significant stress factor? it is difficult, there are so many stress factors. But at least you have various supports on the job trying to help. Also, you're not the one in the firing line as organising it all, which is good for your relationship with him. He needs to see that others are concerned for him, not just you.

    How is his dad accepting all this intervention? Is he belittling it, or accepting it?

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    Also, was he close to the Spec. Ed teacher that passed? Could he be suffering from some osrt of grief for the gentleman?

    Just throwing it out there. Even if the relationship was hostile, he could be feeling guilt, remorse, etc. that no one would be looking for.

    Take care!

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    Good point.

    Our kids are more complex than we often credit.