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    difficult child is having a great school year! We just had his conference with his case manager. She said that he so personable and well liked. She remarked about how much he has matured and how he has friends all over the school (even though he never does anything with them outside of school). by the way, his report card earned him all As and 2 Bs. (Again his classes are all at a lower level but he is working and trying). He is in a ceramics class and making the coolest projects. He said he gets to be a TA in the class next year.

    He is involved in a club called Peer Partners. It is a club for those with disabilities and those without. Yesterday he went to a Special Olympics bowling event where there were both kids with and without disabilities. He ended up bowling the highest score from his school-lol. When husband went to pick him up he sat next to one of difficult child's aides. She was going on and on about him and what a good role model he is to others :)faint:).

    He still struggles incredibly with reading but was actually trying to read a bit by himself this weekend. Starting tomorrow he has has wrestling practice 5 nights a week. This is his second year in wrestling and although he hasn't won a match yet he loves it.

    While we love seeing all of this and are very proud of him we wish we were seeing more of it at home. He is always taking all of his anger out on me (although I am thankful that it is no longer physical). He follows poor husband around all the time unless he isn't home and then he is the same way with me. He and easy child/difficult child have a like/hate relationship like most siblings. His anxiety is very high whenever we leave him home alone (which we don't do very often).
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    What a nice update wiped! :) I can identify with issues still happening at home once the ones (or in our case, some, at school clear up). It is very frustrating to have them still happening because you're tired, and husband is tired of it all and just really wants that break. I go around saying 3 steps forward, 2 steps sideways and 1 running in place. That's what it feels like sometimes. Sometimes we even have the backwards steps. I don't like them at all. I guess as long as there aren't any backwards ones it's something to think about but I DO understand where you're coming from. Just maybe ....maybe in the future some areas at home will start changing too........ There is hope! Right?!!! ;) Hang in there.
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    what a wonderful update on difficult child! Sounds like he is making strides socially which is always a huge thing for our kids. My difficult child, like yours, has tons of friends at school that he talks to and laughs with, but only two that he sees outside school and never on their own.

    It's a good sign when the academic piece falls together because, in my mind, it shows stability.

    The other issues just need time since they really are a few years behind their peers socially. I always say my difficult child needs to perk a little more.....

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    What a positive, uplifting, wonderful update:smiles:. I agree with everything LDM said. While she says that her difficult child just needs to "perk a little more," I used to always say that my difficult children weren't done "cooking" yet, a phrase I borrowed from a longtime member when I first joined this site.

    This thread has me smiling, coffee cup in hand, the perfect way to begin a day. Thanks for sharing. SFR
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    Way To Go difficult child!!! :)

    I love these great updates - I'm glad he's having a good year! And good for him for continuing wrestling even though he hasn't won a match. That takes a lot of perseverance.
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    Tiapet-I do agree there is hope-just thinking it's a long way off-lol!

    Sharon-I agree gfs needs more time to "cook". I do wish he had at least one friend he hung with outside of school.

    SFR-Glad you are smiling reading this:)

    Cubsgirl-I agree that it is good he is continuing with wrestling and that it shows perseverance.