difficult child went on her first date!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Jun 3, 2012.

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    She texted me yesterday to ask if she could go to the movies with a boy last night. She was honest about all of it. She told me he is a sophomore, gave me his name, how she knows him etc. I asked easy child if she knew him. She didn't. I was hesitant because he is a year older, but I thought it was great that she wanted to leave the house, and go out with someone. (And, she was moving on from the internet boy)--a boy she met a church camp last year. So, husband and I said she could go. husband dropped her off, and easy child picked her up. "The Boy" was going to walk home, so easy child was smart and jumped at the chance to give him a ride home. She got to eavesdrop, and learn about him. She said he was very polite, and nice. Good job easy child. She asked a few questions and reported back to her momma. I trained her well.

    difficult child was very talkative about going, and was telling me about how nervous she was. She was very happy. And I saw several genuine smiles. Here is hoping for a second date. I think a nice "good" boy will do wonders for her self esteem.
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    And, I do not think he is a difficult child!! Even better!
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    Very nice to hear this cute and positive story this Monday am! Glad difficult child had a nice time and easy child is trained well!!!!!

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    Good for difficult child!!! It's grea to hear that she went and had a nice time. I hope they go out a second time!
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    One year difference isn't a big deal, even at this age.
    Glad somebody actually got her "out" and doing something enjoyable.
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    I know it isn't a big deal. It had always been one of husband's rules for both girls. They were only to date boys in their grade. He is pretty strict with that one. He did not want the girls dating a senior while they were freshman. That kind of thing. But, he is ok with it, because the boy can't drive. Daddy's and their daughters. Even the difficult child ones.
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    Don't tell husband.....my first boyfriend/make out session was the stereotyped back of the movie theater! (yes, I now think it is gross, but this guy is now a fellow teacher! We are facebook friends and I am friends with both his wife and him....their baby just turned 21, sigh)..... I still can't believe how straight laced I was and I did that....he was a year older....heading off to college.


    Did she have fun?
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    Dee, she had a nice time. husband just told me a few minutes ago that he parked in the parking lot, and watched them go in. difficult child could see him. She thought he left. husband said he looks like a clean cut boy, short dark hair, and that he opened the door to the movie theater for difficult child. So, he at least has some manners. Leave it to a daddy to spy!

    And, difficult child is going out to lunch with him after exams today. They are both done at 10:45. She said they are walking downtown to the shops. (small town-think Mayberry)

    Oh, and for all the battles we have had to get up and go to school, up with out a fight today. Where the heck was this boy months ago?????
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    Haha, can a doctor rx that? Amazing what a little attention can do from a peer. Esp a boy!
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    When difficult child was at her worst, a good friend of mine said that her son went through something similar when he was difficult child's age. She said he was "cured" of all his issues when "a girl touched his pee-pee"--her words not mine. But she was saying the same thing. A little attention from a peer goes a long way.