difficult child zero energy and ex h a total *****

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Sep 24, 2010.

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    yup me again :)

    so i pulled the remeron last night. i cut the pill down night before to half of 7mg. an already cut pill. she was really jumpy so i pulled her in bed with-me. not best idea yet she needed to be calmed down.

    so she fell asleep at 4. she has zero energy today. guess the not eating is catching up to her now.

    i'm really glad i have the appointment on monday it's starting to unnerve me.

    unfortunately my ex has her this weekend. which i'm nervous about because of last time what happened him forcing her to eat getting mad at her etc.

    i told him last night she's nervous to go with-u due to that. he promised not to pull any weird moves. totally don't trust him. today he took day off to come out early. i tried to explain that she's up all night and is sleeping a whole lot more as of late.

    so today he text stating he'll be here at 12:30 i told him that won't work, she's still sleeping. i siad i'm sorry i know it's a long drive but she's really out i'm trying to wake her.

    he calls me cursing me out, screaming yelling, ranting raving insulting me. i was like wooo calm down. got to point i had to basically threaten him and state if you do not get a handle on you she will not be going with you this weekend. your like a loose cannon and there is no way i can send her with-you that way. go take a waLk, get it together i'll work on waking her.

    how i'm selfish etc. selfish?? i can't even listen to that man he's totally insane. he mirrors' everything. i'Tourette's Syndrome all what he is when he yells at me. it brings back memories of a decade ago and having cops remove him from our home when she was only a little over a year due to his behavior. anger mgt classes, therapy i had courts make him take etc.

    it's like who needs this bs while i'm handling what i'm am. and she still sleeps.
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    How can he have her for the weekend when she is in this state? Wasn't there any way to deny him this weekend because of what has been going on???? That is just plain cruel to her it sounds like.
    Did she want to go?
    I am sorry, you just have way to much to deal with. :(
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    Oh man, I have one of those....tells me that "All that's wrong with E is that you coddle him too much. You're turning him into a Mama's boy. If you would just let me have him, I would teach him to stick firecrackers up frog's butts and the kid would be just fine." He really said exactly that. Seriously.

    Thing is, once I have an actual official and complete diagnosis for my boy, I intend to go to court and have it ruled that the X and his new wife must get on board with whatever treatment plan it is that seems best for E. I'm sure I will be going to parenting classes designed for my son's specific issues and I'm pretty sure I can get it ordered that he must get a similar education before being left alone with the child...Stepmom, too, since she is really his primary caregiver when E visits (once or twice a year).

    So, maybe this could be an option for you, too? I don't think there's much question that your x's Neanderthal tactics are very harmful to your daughter. I'm betting a judge would agree.
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    her spirits are high believe it or not. I've reassured her help is coming, i'm just trying to work it all out so she gets the best help possible. i'm lucky she trusts me alot. I hope i dont' lose that when I leave her in that place alone if that is what we decide to do. her drinking milk lately has helped so much. she did want to go with him, she absolutely adores this man. i do not. yet she is very nervous to self advocate for herself to him nor should she have to right now. yet i sat with-her and told her tell your father what you told me.

    so she said im nervous to go with-you because you will force me to eat, grandma will force me to eat ex h's mom they go there for dinner every sunday. i do not want to go if that is going to happen. so he assured her it would not and that she can eat what she wants if she wants, food will be available yet that is it.

    hes' hard to deal with. he's really alot like her in so many ways. majority of behaviors i see him exhibit thru the years are so similar to her. she rages on occassion also. so hard to explain it all. i know i'll just be happy when shes back home.
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    good luck to you so not an easy road to be on, you sound strong and that's good. as far as ex h is concerned he's never not given her medications etc. which is good. yet he is only with her four days a mos. every other weekend so i try to not stress too much what he does when with her as far as his own Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies, anxities etc. if he was with her more i mite have to.

    when we divorced years ago i purposely made sure i have sole legal custody and am responsible for all major decisions regardling health, etc. with just updating him necessary. i guess i knew he'd fight me forever. between him and husband's ex it's amazing we are still together and in love. amazing.