difficult child's medications list and source

We had the stool testing done which revealed the candida overgrowth and the lack of any of the healthy Lactobacillus. A great part of this testing was the page which showed what the yeast in his system would be resistant to - so it is specifically for him - but this stuff is all non-prescription, and would not hurt if you want to try it. The total cost was about $70.00 for an entire months supply - some bottles have more pills than others, so will last longer. The test showed that his yeast would not be affected by Nystatin or Diflucan, so I didn't need a presciption for those!

Emerson Ecologics - 800-654-4432 They asked who my doctor was, but I'm sure they didn't check it out - just give your doctor's name if you order anything!

Thorne Formula SF722, Undecenoic Acid 50 mg. derived from castor bean oil. 1 cap 3xday

Thorne Berbercap, Oregon Grape Extract, 80% Berberine 200mg 1 cap 3xday

The above are for the yeast treatment

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)500mg 1 cap 3x day To improve mood

From Naturopath's office - Lipo Similase Complete Digestive Enzymes, manufactured by Tyler - to improve digestion, and absorption of food - made from plant enzymes 1 cap with meals - 2 with fatty meals

Homeopathic Allergy medicine 1 chewable tablet 3-4 times a day as needed

From CVS - a local drug store Culturelle Lactobacillus GG contain 10 billion cells of the healthy bacteria, a probiotic 1 cap daily

I also ordered Efalex from to supplement the EFA's which are also found in Evening of Primrose Oil, Sunflower oil and seeds. It is also available from Emerson Ecologics. It hasn't arrived yet! His test results showed that he was not absorbing EFA's at all- and they are essential for healty brain function - they would not work if he were not taking the Lipo Similase to aid the digestion and absorption.

I hope this helps! E-mail me or post if you have any questions!

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THANKS!! wow that sounds interesting.. I will have to look it up..
I tried the Diflucan on my girl and it did nothing.. I was disapointed.
maybe that is the reason!!! TOOOO COOOL. if I cant get the testing done maybe i'll look into that.
HECK I'll archive this too so we can have it for future reference!!

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