Does This Make Me A Bad Mother?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, May 30, 2013.

  1. Bunny

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    We have a minor league baseball team here. The boys have both gone to games at one time or another, but I don't think that they've ever gone to one together. Yesterday morning husband called from work and said that he was able to get tickets for all four of us for the luxury box from someone at his office. Did I think it was a good idea to go? We decided to go, because we knew both of them would want to go, but I was secretly hoping that difficult child would choose not to go. Is that really bad? Everything is just so much easier when he's not there.
  2. sjexpress

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    This does not make you a bad person at all! I think many of us feel that way quite often when difficult child is involved. I know I do! Many times when difficult child "threatens" to not go to what the family is doing, I secretly hope he does choose to stay home. Now that he is old enough to stay home awhile alone, that threat does not change our plans. Like you said, without difficult child around, things are much smoother, quieter and less stressful. So sad but true!
    Did you go to the game yet? Did difficult child go?
  3. AnnieO

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    LOL no hon. Makes you a warrior mom who needs respite!!!
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    No! I never ask Sonic to go with us to see Jumper play sports because he has the attention span of an ant for sports and starts complaining, "Is it almost done?" "I'm hot." "The bugs are biting me." Jumper understands. And Sonic doesn't feel bad not being invited any He used to try to get out of it anyway. Now, of course, he is always welcome to show up if he wants to, but we always hope he chooses not to and so far we haven't been

    Doesn't mean you don't love your difficult child :)
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    Does difficult child have a favorite quiet distraction that you can pack along for when he gets bored?
  6. Bunny

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    Yes, he went. He was okay while we were there, but once as the game wore on he started getting tired and complaining that he wanted to go home. We left after the 7th inning, which wasn't too bad. He enjoys baseball, so he was happy to go, but he gets tired because he sets his alarm for so early in the morning. That's a different story for a different post.

    On the plus side, easy child got a foul ball! He was so excited. And he got to have his picture taken with the team mascot, so he came home a pretty happy boy.
  7. Bunny

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    And I'm going it for dinner with two friends tomorrow night! Yay!! Can't wait for that!