Dog/Cat Skin allergy/rash Relief FOUND

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Sargent's makes a vaseline type salve that comes in a small square tin that is medicated and to use for "weed rash" chafted skin, bug bites, ect...........And Nichole picked it up as we were utterly desperate for poor Molly who'd all but shredded her body this year.

    I plastered this stuff all over her belly, legs......and Nichole risked dismemberment to apply it uber thick to her torn and shredded tail.

    I'll tell you what, this stuff works wonders. Prescriptions have failed. But this stuff has Molly's shredded tail healing, the rash on her belly is going away........and fleas had this foul smelling stuff. lol (short term with fleas jking) Because it's a petroleum sticks where it needs to stay.

    Just though I'd pass it on. by the way I had like 5 min of easy child's internet. Now Nichole is begging me to go home.:mad: So got to run. But knew others were having this issue. You can find this at wallie world both over in dog section and cat section and it's about 8 bucks or so and well worth it. :D

    Miss you all horribly.