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    I was watching that show about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary that is in Utah and this was interesting. They got the worst of Michael Vick's dogs and this episode was about them. One dog was a bait dog and he was so scared of people that he would drop to his belly rather than walk anywhere on a leash or with a person. To try to help with his overwhelming anxiety, they used a cd of Dog Laughter.

    Dog Laughter is the exhalations they make when playing. The way it was explained, people relax and are less anxious when they hear someone laugh. We even laugh with them and that urge is strong enough that we don't have to even know why they are laughing all the time.

    The trainer wondered if it would work the same for the dogs. It looked like it really helped.

    This is a google search on dog laughter:,cf.osb&fp=f59249423820d99a&biw=1580&bih=733

    I just thought it might be entertaining or helpful. I think there are some youtube clips, etc... and they might be helpful to try for flutterby's new furbaby and anyone else's furbaby. Our cat was not relaxed by it but he did try to sing along. Not griping or whining - he was just singing. He is rather odd though.
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    Okay so I turned on the dog that was laughing and Broady my Golden Retriever was definately intrigued, his ears just kept going up, he didn't get relaxed or anything just started to talk to me, roo, roo rooooooooo.

    Usually I think he is telling me something really serious when he does this, such as be quiet, is it bed time yet. Why is my food bowl empty?????? Not sure what it means this time. Definately cute though.