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    I stumbled across Dogtown on the National Geographic Channel's website. I watched a bunch of short clips about various dogs (including an update on the 22 dogs saved from Michael Vick).

    I thought of Pootie, Chloe and all their pals around here when I saw the clip about Aristotle. Ari had a nasty skin condition, other health problems, and eyelids that are not formed properly and don't close all the way. He gets eyedrops up to TEN times a day.

    In the clip you see the family that adopts Ari as tehy pack up their dogs for a day at the sand dunes somewhere.

    I thought of Pootie and Chloe when I saw them putting the goggles (if they are for dogs are they doggles?) on him and then saw him LOVING the ride!

    I am willing to bet Pootie and Chloe would enjoy seeing this!
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    OMG, I love this show and the happy endings!

    I'm so teed off about people like Michael Vick. I can't post what I think about them here. :mad:
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    I've watched Dog Town many times and the work they do there is nothing short of phenomenal! If they could take those Michael Vick pit bulls that were trained to kill and turn them into trusted family pets, they can do just about anything! Those episodes made me cry!

    And yes, there really is a product called "Doggles", protective eyewear for dogs! Google them. You can find them in pet supply stores or buy them online. They look extremely cute in them, but they serve a purpose too. I have Bostons and Bostons, with their prominent eyes, are very prone to eye injuries. Something that might be a relatively minor injury to another breed of dog can cause a Boston (or Pug or French Bulldog) to lose an eye. I know a lot of people who put them on their dogs if they are taking them to the beach or walking in the woods or doing anything where something might get in their eyes.

    I'll see if I can find some pictures of dogs wearing Doggles. :D
  4. donna723

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    OK, check these out! There really are such things as "Doggles"! They're not sunglasses. They're specially made protective goggles that fit on dogs heads and help to prevent eye injuries.

    And admittedly, they are not wearing their Doggles in that last picture ... I just threw that one in too because I think it's painfully cute!