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Hi All....Happy Monday!

Just wanted to ask a few quick questions:

I am a single Mom of a 10yr old...who was diagnosed with-ADHD about 6-8mo ago...and now they (pediatrician & counselor) think he has generalized anxiety. They are now suggesting/recommending a psychiatrist for other "medications"....there is a name out there for everything! I don't have lots of $$$ :frown: and don't have time to constantly take off from work to tend to these things.

Over the weekend we (b/f & I) took Bradley to my work picnic at a local water park...drove 2hrs to get there. We almost didn't go due to Bradley's increased "attitude" issues...thought perhaps this would "adjust" his attitude...he didn't show much emotion until late in the day...once he got going on the water slides...which was a good thing.

But anymore he never says "thanks for taking me" etc...unless I prompt him. He has manners...then he got bored yesterday...and started in on his bugging...he lost his PS3 chances...because he bugged left & right...he loves to be outside, but wouldn't do hardly anything outside. He would have rather stayed inside & watched tv ALL DAY...NOT!!!

Next week he starts his day camp at YMCA...but until then, I don't know what to do. I am picking up the book "Explosive Child" tonight...maybe this will help.
Anybody out there tried natural alternatives??? Any other suggestions???

Tired & Frustrated....

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Sorry you are feeling so frustrated. I know how hard it is to take time off from work. Unfortunately many difficult children don't say thank you even though they know they should. I'm glad you're gettin a copy of The Explosive Child. I haven't tried any natural alternatives so I'm no help there.


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Hi, sorry your feeling so bogged down. I also dont have lots of money. I have utilized probably every mental health clinic in my area. Check your local childrens hospital. or a psychiatric. hospital. Most of them have outpatient services that run on a sliding fee scale. You wont get the attention you would from private doctors, but, when in need..... I actually have come across quite a few doctors, therapists etc. that I was very comfortable with. It's worth a try. I had some help from an orginization called "Family Ties" , they pointed me in lots of right directions. I believe it is national. There might be a chapter in your area. They offer support to families with special needs children. Help of all sorts.

Hang in there. Good luck.


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Our local county mental health clinic is our lifeline. Have you applied for Medicaid for your son? Or your state's kids insurance? It really helps.


Some of his behavior may also just be his age. Everyone cringes at the teenage years, but it's the ages of 10-13 that I would bypass if I could - easy child and difficult child alike.