Don't talk much about older easy child/difficult child, but...

she really ticked me off this time. :grrr:

I think I have some residual anger from her last visit, before my hospitalization, when she was going to come over and watch Tink for me. Well that turned into she and her stupid boyfriend are coming over to watch Tink. Then it was, can we bring stupid boyfriend's little brother, too? We have to watch him as well. This was supposed to be Tink's time with her sister, and now it is turning into a mess. I ask her on the phone if she can just leave stupid boyfriend at home to watch his own brother while she comes here to be with her sister. I can hear stupid boyfriend in the background, yelling at my daughter, "what the F is your mother's problem? Why does she have a problem with my brother?" I think about it and say, you know what, go ahead and do whatever you want. Who am I to play God? And stupid boyfriend shows up here STILL with an attitude towards me. Excuse me? In my house you are giving me an attitude?


So a week later I get admitted into the hospital. I hear from my daughter exactly once, the day before I am getting out. I asked her if I could have some help from her after I got home. She has not called me since I have been home. My mom got a hold of her yesterday. Ready for this? She has been too busy to call. Because...she is babysitting the stupid boyfriend's brother (who is 10, by the way) as a FAVOR to stupid boyfriend's mother (she is NOT getting paid to do this). She does this during the day, while both stupid boyfriend and his skanky mother work. Then, she works at night. She is too busy to call, and has no time to A-help her own mother or B-see her own sister.

I successfully detatched a long time ago. But you know, I am pissed. And I don't know what to tell Tink when she asks "when am I going to see 'sissy'"?



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I think a lot of our kids go help other families at times and ignore their own for one reason or another. perhaps the other families see them differently and treat them differently. I am sorry she disappointed you.

you have not detached, my dear, not with the anger you have shown here in your post. your daughter will do as she pleases so why let it get to you so badly? only hurts you. if she is a pothead in love as you say...she is not thinking right now with her brains.

tell lil sweet Tink that you do not know when her sis will be around but that you are there, sis is grown up but still loves Tink.
No, I think I pretty much HAVE detatched, and have accepted her life choices. I'm ticked that she could not be bothered to check on her ma after I got out of the hospital. I really don't feel hurt over it. I am angry.


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BBK....I dont blame you for being mad. I dont care how detached we are, they are still our kids and they ought to have the common decency of a slug to give a rats patootie about us. Unfortunately most of the time they only think about what is in it for them.

How can we not get irritated with them at times? They disappoint us and anger us with what they do. We can detach from their choices and their behaviors but we are still their parents. Only a family member can make a person so ticked off this way. Its because we love them. Least that is my theory.