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  1. goingcrazyinwv

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    what is respite? I sort of know but would like someone who really knows to explain it to me. also how do you get it. I am new to all this and am really not sure what all resources are available.

  2. Shari

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    Respite is....time away from your difficult child. A break, of sorts.

    My respite is paid for by a county agency. We were told about the agency by the people in the autism center a few years back. Perhaps your school or a psychiatrists office may know of a similar place for you?

    I supply my own respite providers, but my county does have a limited supply of providers if you don't have any "of your own". I pay my provider and the county pays me back (or, I just hand over the check to my provider when it comes in).

    hope that helps.
  3. Wiped Out

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    The way I found respite in our area was to just google respite plus our city's name. We don't get a lot right now but hopefully will be getting some more soon.
  4. Christy

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    Respite is something we don't get often enough--LOL

    Any type of break for the primary caregivers. Check with the local mental health association, they may be able to direct you to providers in your area.

  5. timer lady

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    I love respite. We have respite for kt on average every other weekend. It's been a hard fought & won service here.

    Our respite is through a CADI (community alternative for disabled individuals) waiver in our state. It took at least 6 months to get the CADI waiver set up & going; lots of paperwork, meetings, approval by the state medical review team & county mental health. Having said that, I 'd do it over again.

    Respite weekends are what has kept husband & I going; I'm not sure the tweedles would still be in our lives if the CADI services hadn't come thought when they did.