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    It seems like this group is the best group they've had so far. They all seem so determined. Unfortunately, Wayne is just not that good. Cheryl seemed to concede last night when she gave that little speech with Drew, huh?

    Drew is really getting better. I like him. Although Samantha Harris is really nice and pretty, I think Drew is actually doing a better job. The couples interact more with him and joke around much more. It's much lighter, I think.

    So, the dancing.....They are all great. The only two that weren't so great were Wayne and Mark. I didn't like Mark, at all, at first. He just came across so strange and creepy. He's growing on me a little. As the show has gone on, he lost a little of his creepiness. I guess that happened when he found himself in the bottom two the first time around. He works hard, which is endearing.

    The boxer guy...he's good, but he's a little too cocky for my taste.

    I love, love, love Jane. I've always liked her, but now I just see her with so much class and yes, she got my sympathy vote last night. I'm glad she decided to follow through and not quit. She had to quit once from an injury, so it'd be a shame to have her quit again. I'm sure her mother would have wanted it this way. Good for her for not letting this swallow her up.

    Again, who can not like Marie?

    Helio.....OMG!!!! He's just so darn adorable! I can't stop smiling through his whole dance.

    Mel...liking her a little more each week. She was such a turn off in the beginning. Now she's becoming more ladylike.

    Cheetah girl....she may just end up winning. I think it might just be between her and Helio.

    Soap guy....so, so. His fans will get him through. He's too stiff.
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    Ya know I don't end up watching until there are only like four or so left because the ones I like never win so it only frustrates me. Although when I saw Marie was going to be on I thought I might watch...but I figure I get updates from all sorts of sources and then when it gets close I watch.

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    Loth...thank you for at least having the memory to get names...lol. Mine is shot these days...

    I just dont like the boxer guy. He dances flat footed on the lower half and like he is boxing on the upper half...lol. It just doesnt fit.

    Jane is nothing but class. I think Marie is a close second.

    I just love this show!