Dylan's Causing Problems


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Blah :slap:

Got a call from the principal today. He got hit with the ball at recess (dodge ball). From experience, I know Dylan's head is in the clouds every time he plays a ball game. It happened all summer long. Well, he got hit in the head today with the ball.

He didn't say a word until the boy apologized to him. Then, he flipped out. Supposedly (I say this because this is the same teacher that claimed he was comatose at the beginning of the year, but as soon as I was on my way to school, he miraculously woke up) he started with this "blood curdling" (LOL @ the teacher with that one) scream. Then he started knocking over plants. Then, he was headed to the glass display cases, looking like he was going to slam his fists into them, and the teacher stopped him.

He laid in the office 2 hours. Didn't speak. Didn't move. Just laid there.

This has happened 3 times in the last couple of weeks over stupid things. One time he was to write sentences. Simple enough. Well, for some reason, he just decided to sit there, flat, silent, for an hour and a half, then pick up and start doing his work LOL! Then again at library, didn't want to read, but figured he'd just sit there in his seat, his whole 110 pound self (that nobody can pick up) and eventually he wouldn't have to go LOL! He did go.

Funny thing, though. I leave work early to pick him up. He had to sit the whole day in school, he did NOT get to leave early, however, he started moving/talking when he thought it was time to get on the bus and go, and nope, he wasn't getting off that easy. So, I went and got him.

I got there and I started asking him questions. Why did you handle this like this? How could you have handled this differently? He spoke, answered every question. NO issue. NO problem. Why does the school have such a problem?

He's on restriction. No electronics. He lost recess for a week at school. No privelages here -

Just frustrating. He hates his specials (music, gym, etc). It seems to be causing more and more problems. He hates music because he doesn't like the recorder (that thing is stupid). He doesn't like gym because he's so big and can't do alot of the stuff. I don't know what his issue is with library.

Guess we'll have a Lithium level done. He goes to see the psychiatrist on Wed. No way I'm increasing the Abilify any more. He's already on 15 mg and that's high enough. Poor kid is fat enough as it is.

Going to get a script for the Concerta. Maybe a small dose will help some with focus/attention and help him some. I dunno.

I hope he doesn't go down any further. I worry alot about him, even now with him doing so great. Maybe it's just a cycle. I haven't been able to get him to shut up for 5 minutes the last few days.

The thing that gets me is he knows exactly what to say, every answer is the right answer. All the way home he kept telling me he knew he handled it wrong. He knew he should have went to time out. He knew. He just didn't think and went nutso.

Minimal compared to the rest here. Guess I shouldn't really complain. Just felt like venting.




Mom? What's a difficult child?
It doesn't sound minimal... it still affects your life and it must be affecting him??? I have no clue why he is doing it??? But I can imagine it still drives you nuts!!! I know I want to strangle my sweet little difficult child right now...she will not be quiet... she has a high fever and still will not STOP. my gosh.

You have reason to worry especially if you always have to think about the medications and the body image/weight gain for the poor guy, it is all so tiring some times. It just drains you some days.

hang in there... I am stressing right here with you. It is always something, we wouldn't want life to get boring...

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My difficult child is that way-he can give all the right answers just doesn't think of them when he needs to. :hammer: I think it's a good idea to get the Lithium levels checked. I'm sorry Dylan is struggling right now. Hugs.

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Many times our difficult children know the right choice...they also know what adults want to hear. The sticking point, in my humble opinion, is the ability to internalize what they've learned. To be able to put it in practice.

The tweedles have never been able to handle gym, music or any class that wasn't completely structured. If assigned, a one on one is assigned as well.

I hope Dylan levels out soon. I also hope it's just a medication tweak kind of thing versus anything else.


I'm sorry to hear that Dylan is having problems in school. I'm glad that he is seeing the psychiatrist on Wednesday. I also think it is good that you're having his lithium levels checked. I hope the Concerta helps!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed...

And, vent away!!! You always have so much going on in your life!!! Dylan's problems aren't minor. I hope things get better SOON!!! WFEN


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Seems like he has a difficult time handeling his emotions when he gets hurt. I hope that the Lithium levels are revealing, and/or there is some way to help him with those skills.

Hang in there Janna! It is not trivial at all.

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Not trivial. Frustrating.

T never did so well with sports either unless I was the coach. Playing sports riled him up so much he'd stop thinking with his brain. He'd just react.



Morning Janna.

Ditto Linda. difficult child 1, to this day, when whatever is inside his body that makes him be a difficult child is turned on, he knows all the answers, he knows right from wrong, but he can't choose them when it matters. He knows this, he struggles with it, and I'm still learning it. It is so very frustrating to have a child who knows what they should do but can't make themselves do it.

As for difficult child 2, he is not handling his "specials", either. We will probably write into his IEP to either just pull him out of them or make them optional - (as in goes but doesn't have to participate (not interrupt, either)). The way these are handled at his current school makes a world of difference in how he handles the rest of his school day. Maybe revisit Dylan's IEP. Personally, I think he'll get along fine in life without having played the recorder.


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I hear ya. My difficult child had his SECOND day on the new elementary campus, yeaterday (new social development class), and I found out he gently slapped someone!! WHAT can he be thinking?? We keep being told if we continue to repeat, he'll get it! We've told him every day of his little life since age FOUR (he's 11) to "KEEP YOU HANDS AND FEET TO YOURSELF!" When do you supposed this stuff sinks in? medications or no medications, they cannot behave this way in the real world.

I'm sorry Dylan is being such a PITA..