Dynasty: Making of a Guilty Pleasure

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    Our midday movie was just on and it was this - amazing - piece. I didn't see all of it, I've seen it before though. It's a bio-picture mostly of Esther & Richard Shapiro but especially the behind-the-scens stuff tey did to create "Dynasty".

    I'd been watching it for a few minutes when I realised I was recognising faces for the wrong reasons - half the cast are Aussies! That's when I realised that a lot of the tongue-in-cheek humour now had a solid basis in the "let's poke fun at everything and enjoy ourselves in the process" attitude.

    An interesting face much more commonly seen in Australia these days - Nicholas Hammond (aka Nicky Hammond) who was Kurt in Sound of Music. He was playing Aaron Spelling (not a lot pf physical resemblance there). He's a great comic talent and it shows in this even though it's not intended to be a comic role.

    I couldn't find out where it was filmed or who by (our midday movies delete all this interesting stuff at the end credits) but te Aussie film industry is doing better & better, we can do some great stuff these days.

    I'm not saying to go out and buy a copy, but if it happens to cross your TV waves, chuck in a tape and catch it. It's fun! Especially for the fans - seeing how close they got (or didn't) to your favourite performers...

    It's not kind to the soapie manufacturing industry, but it's not vicious either.