Early in the game...however,

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our extended pass home is going well for kt. She's matured in many ways & not so much in others.

This morning over breakfast she told me that she learned to "stop & think" before acting. And that she is real excited to be coming home.

However she did tell me, "mom, I'm afraid that it's going to come back - the weirdness in my head". I had to reassure her that if it did we would handle it. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing & dad & I would worry about it.

That seemed to satisfy her anxiety this morning. Just wanted to share something positive with you. :princess:


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I am so thrilled to read your post. Small steps can become big changes after time. kt's self awareness of her difficulties show maturity for a 12 year old. Your reassurance will help her anxiety.

I hope you 2 can get that sewing room set up and sew up a storm.

Even if the extended home visit isn't 100% for kt, the growing up you see will continue on an up and down basis.

Take care.


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Even if it is early, Linda, I know those words and her attitude right now is balm for a long hurting heart. Many hugs to you and kt and hopes that this is the beginning...Iz

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Iz, you're right - this has been a balm for me. I know that kt will test; my eyes are wide open here.

Yet this tiny picture of who kt can be is soothing to my soul.

We have a long way to go - she may need further treatment. I will take it a day at a time. The dissociative states haven't been seen in 3 months or so. That's been our biggest fear. It may be different tomorrow.

A day at a time! :warrior:


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I'm very happy for you, Linda. I'm glad you have something positive to post about your daughter :bravo:

I hope things continue on a positive path for kt. As you know, all body parts are crossed here for you all.



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I was AWOL from the web yesterday and so just saw this post. I hope the extended weekend visit continued on the same positive route! I love those glimpses of the true personality and demeanor of our difficult child's - they are a gift, I think.

Bet you were grinning as wide posting the thread as I am reading it!! :bravo:

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It warms my heart that you're getting to enjoy these moments with kt bug. The road ahead will be rocky for a bit, I'd imagine. But these glimpses at kt's potiential help smooth the way some.

All in all kt bug has come a long way.