Early intervention for Autism article!


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Thanks for sharing. Like all things in life , there is the positive and negative. The positive side here is the statement - nature through nurture , that through interaction with a kid, you can change his wiring. I think that is very much part of CPS problem solving approach , building skills helps with developmental delays. Medication only compensates , but there is a danger of medicating kids at even a younger age. The negative side is also the labeling , pathologizing what could be normal behavior or merely a developmental delay, sliding into medication.



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I do like the article and I WISH our education department and government would do more. difficult child 3 was diagnosed at 3, although his language delay had been identified a year earlier. But at 4, the only early intervention we could get was - HALF A DAY A WEEK! And I was not permitted to observe in any way, so I had NO idea what they did. He came home unhappy, difficult and vomiting.

Just about everything difficult child 3 has achieved, has been through combined efforts of him and us. Schools have really contributed very little, although they tried. But they tried, within their own limited parameters.

I'd better not continue, I'm getting cranky just thinking about it.