easy child and I had a fun time!

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    easy child and I are back from our mini vaca which included time on Ft Lauderdale Beach and a mini cruise :thanksgivingday:. The mini cruise left us a little wanting, but the service was at least good and the food was mostly decent. I am a little spoiled as my only prior cruise experience has been Royal Caribbean! Anyway, easy child and I had a ton of great laughs :rofl: and some good times - mostly in FL!

    We had to go to one of those time share meetings and guess what? I freakin' bought it. Hahaha - how funny is that? We only bought a smaller version of the original deal. And it was a better price and a package that our family will actually use. We can all use it and we can lend it out and we can go on mini weekend getaways or use the whole weeks. We can go anywhere in the world or just stay at our place. It's so flexible and the price was really great I think. So, only easy child and I are on the deed, but all of us will benefit. :thumbsup:

    And the only other thing we did that was a bit rash was get tattoos :smile:. I already had two, so getting another wasn't a big deal, although I have to say that I think my skin is thinning out because this one hurt like heck!! But it is a pretty Zinnia flower on my ankle. easy child got a pretty floral and vine on the top of her foot, which she said hurt worse than anything she's ever experienced :hammer:. So, we were brave wimps :slap:. difficult child was very angry with us for getting them without her, but hey, she wasn't there. And maybe when she's 20 and has worked hard at making a life for herself she and I can go away and get a tattoo together - lol! My H ws not happy to hear I got another one :nonono:, but it's my body, right? Besides, living in CT means it will be covered most months of the year. Haha.

    easy child and I also rented a two seater scooter to drive around Lauderdale Beach - we had such a blast :dance:. I will never forget the estatic look on easy child's face :smile: as she drove that little buggy around. She had a grin on her face that can't be matched and was laughing, a bit maniacally, the entire time! I wish someone was filming us :picture: because we didn't take ONE picture the entire weekend!

    And difficult child behaved very well while I was gone - yeah! H said she even made dinner one night, she dusted the house, and he vacuumed. He wanted to take her out to dinner a couple of nights, but she was always busy with Monkeyboy (can I get a monkey icon please? LOL). :devil:
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    Glad you had a good time. You sound rejuvenated! I got my first tatoo last summer and have toyed with the idea of another. I'm glad difficult child behaved. Monkeyboy sounds lovely!
  3. Star*

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    WELL NOW -

    THAT is the JOG we know! I am glad to hear you got some much needed R & R.

    But young lady - another tattoo? (Laughed at your logic about living in CT and mostly being covered up) That dirty little secret zinnia! lol.

    Glad you are back!
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    I think H is only horrified by another tattoo that his mother might have to see when they visit each summer. Just picture the Queen saying "My Word!" - that's his mom. Tough noogies - my body. Tattoos are addictive I believe. At least I've heard that they can be...♥
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    You "sound" fantastic. So glad you had a great time! Welcome back (yeah, right, like you wanted to return!)
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    Jo, you bought a timeshare and a tattoo? Wild Woman!!!!
    Glad you had a good time.

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: TerryJ2</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Jo, you bought a timeshare and a tattoo? Wild Woman!!!!
    Glad you had a good time. :dance: </div></div>

    I know! I could tell that H wanted to kind of freak out at first, but I laid my hand on him for a moment so he'd give me a chance to explain about the time share!! I felt like "I Love Lucy", really. Haha. And since easy child was there, he was way more mellow than he would have been if we were alone I think! Thank God easy child was there!! He wants to read all the books...that should take a year.

    The first night on the cruise I couldn't sleep and I kept asking myself what I was thinking?? Wild woman indeed.
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    you really needed this getaway and it sounds like you and easy child had a blast!!!!!!!!!!

    A tatoo and a timeshare - what a combo :rofl:

    You sound rested and in great spirits. Have a great turkey day :thanksgiving2:

  9. 1905

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    Congratulations on the time share and the tattoo. Good for you!!I'm jealous-Alyssa