easy child - difficult child ?



Don't know if she is a easy child or difficult child. I have an extremely gifted niece. Went through some very tough years with school phobia, all the aches and pains difficult child has as well as anxiety and depression. She had a full scholarship to Mississippi State, graduated in some special ceramony for high honors in three years with two majors. She received a fellowship for Rice University making more money going to school than husband makes. Since she has worked for Nassau now I am not sure where, but I do know when she moved back to the area she said too much money to pass up..six figures, she is 27.
Anyway, I talked to her about difficult child. Told her everything that has been and is going on. Asked her since she was gifted and faced so many challenges if any of it sounded familiar. Here is her reply:
Yes, a lot of that sounds familiar. I had many of the same issues, but also some different. Instead of yelling and getting angry I withdrew more and more and internalized a lot of it. I have a lot of ideas of things that could help and things that may be playing a role in the situation. (Things ranging from "wired differently", to physical and chemical things).

Let me think about this some more and write when I have time this afternoon or tonight. I would love to help out any way I can. And helping now is much better than letting things go until college. I managed to be pretty successful without addressing or understanding a lot of my problems until even after college! (And I still deal with them.)

Like I said. Let me do some thinking and write more later.

Take care and know that things will get better!

I am so excited. Knowing she is so successful, though different but similiar. She still deals with problems. But, note: Things will get better! :smile:
She has ideas of how to help. difficult child really likes her and she is so very good with him. Maybe I'll ship him off to stay with her some weekend and she can help him learn how to work on the visual area. She use to tutor in the summer from college.
There IS hope. :smile:


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Yeah! I am so glad that you got some good news! You sound so much better than you did in your first posts! Congratulations! :bravo: