easy child gave us a move out date!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Jul 20, 2010.

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    She is moving out for August 1st. To the condo she will be sharing with a couple. She is basically renting a room, but will have full use of the bath and kitchen, deck, etc. She said she only agreed to a 6 month committment and said they could discuss a longer committment at that time - very mature of her I thought! They were okay with that. She will take one of the two couches in our garage that she acquired through a coworker of mine and the other will go to her friend's place for safe keeping (H said it could only be here for 3 weeks). She will be borrowing a bed from her friend until she can get her own (she's not allowed to take the one I just bought 2 years ago - it's mine for guests).

    I think she's a little sad, but I'm not asking. I am hoping this works for her and that eventually she's able to get into her own little place. Since she seems okay with it, I am trying to let my own reservations roll off my back. H is not so sure it's the best place for her either as it's in a not so nice area and pretty far from her job and home. However, it is close to her new love interest (Anti-Chris/Casper) and school, so...

    I will not be helping her move or do any pre-cleaning, etc., as I did for her apt up at college. I ended up spilling money I didn't have for all those little finishing touches to make it homey. Nope, she can help herself to whatever we have in the basement that we're not using in terms of curtains, etc., and she has her own kitchen stuff - I think the couple has all that stuff anyway - and she has her own sheets and towels. She should be all set for now.

    Yippee! One down, one to go!!!!
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    It all sounds great! Congrats!!
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    Sounds good. Less she has to take, less time it will take her to move out. LOL. After all, its just a room!
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    Great news, Jo! :thumbsup:

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    That is so cool! The arrangement sounds very workable.
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    I bet I jinxed myself because now she's having second thoughts about living with the couple. I'm kind of glad she thought about it more. She called about the apt I had mentioned that was a studio including all utilities. It's a tad more expensive but doable if she doesn't spend frivolously. That one is also for august first. But it requires security, which if she saves every penny she can do (though she doesn't think so).

    Thanks for all the 'yippees' and congrats! I am still stoked because at least she's there without anger, etc., and that, in my opinion, is huge.