easy child Having Troubles


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I guess I knew it was coming. easy child has been having some issues dealing with others. We noticed it at home and I took steps to have her begin seeing the school counselor, which she has been seeing once a week for about a month.

Notes from school are coming home on Fridays saying that easy child has had to be "spoken to regarding being bossy and having a mean tone". She said she had a disagreement this week with one of her friends and told her she did not want to be her friend anymore. We talked about the appropriate ways she might handle her feelings in that situation and she seemed to 'get it'.

Yesterday, it was beautiful here and the munchkins were playing with the neighbor children. I was sitting in our dining room and could see easy child and one of the neighbor boys out in the back yard through our open deck door. Neighbor picked up easy child's toy which she had left on their back porch and she snatched it back, yelling at him, and then she hit him in the upper arm. I immediately told her to apologize and come inside where we had a heart to heart. She was shocked to realize I had seen the whole thing. I told her that hitting is never the answer - she cried and said "I'm having trouble with people lately, aren't I?".

I know that on the regular "difficult child Meter" this might not even register, but I'd like to nip this in the bud, if at all possible. We do not strike the children - nor do we allow that between difficult child and easy child. Is this a typical phase all kids go through? Am I blowing it out of proportion? Oddly enough, difficult child never went through a phase of hitting/slapping peers, so I'm at a loss. Any ideas??


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in my humble opinion, the difference is that she GETS what she did wrong and why it is wrong.

I think you did the right thing. I think kids in general try different behaviors as they grow so I would not worry too much yet. If it continues, then you might have more work to do.