easy child is struggling at new school

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    Poor easy child is off his medications and struggling at his new school. The school psychiatric called me yesterday and told me his math teacher is very concerned about him because he is staring off into space and not getting any work done. easy child is gifted in math so I was concerned as well. The psychiatric says the math teacher is constantly having to prompt him to pick up his pencil and start working. Most of the time easy child will keep his hands folded in his lap and not even open up his book. I knew easy child would probably struggle a bit until I am able to get him back on his medications, but he has never refused to do work before. I picked up easy child from school yesterday to ask him what was the deal. I got the dreaded shrug of the shoulders and the "I don't know" answer.

    When I told him that was not an acceptable answer, he told me the math is new to him and he doesn't know how to do it. He is too embarrased to speak up and ask for help, so instead he chooses to do nothing. I encouraged him to ask the teacher how to do the math so she doesn't think he is just being defiant. easy child is in an honors math class because he tests as gifted every year in the California state testing. I am thinking that maybe he should be in a regular math class at least until I can get him back on his Focalin. Unfortunately psychiatrist doesn't have an opening until the 9th of next month so it is going to have to wait. I explained to the school psychiatric that his dad refused to give him is medications last year and now that he is back living with me I am taking him to psychiatrist to get back on them. She says that would explain a lot of easy child's behaviors right now. I hate to see poor easy child struggle when I know it's not his fault. I just signed papers for his 30 day IEP so I should be notified soon when that should be taking place. In the meant time I am hoping easy child can find his place at the new school.
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    no repeats left on his prior script? if he wasn't using it, I'd be expecting something left over...

    Sometimes, family doctor can provide a 30- or 60-day script identical to what he got before, to tide him over...
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    Can you contact his dad to see if he has any medications left over? If he was refusing to give easy child his medications he might have some. Otherwise, I'd call and talk to the psychiatrist's nurse. We were in the same situation last week and difficult child cannot get into see the psychiatrist until the 17th, but were able to get a script signed to tide us over until then when I explained the situation. It might work especially if you're not requesting a medication change but simple what he was on before.
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    I am going to call psychiatrist and see if I can pick up a prescription tomorrow after work. He is a great doctor and I'm sure he'll say yes once I tell him easy child is having trouble.
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    I'm going to respond to the math part since the medication situation is being taken care of. As I said before, you will need to speak up FOR him until he gets used to the people and situation there. I don't care what the therapist said at this point. This is a huge change and you'd be setting him up to fail if you don't help him with communication right now. Talk to the math teacher and explain that easy child doesn't know how to do it. See if the teacher will help easy child get over the hump or "caught up". If he/she is a good teacher, they will. It might mean before or after school but it can work. I wouldn't make a drastic change (honors to standard) until easy child shows that he won't be able to do any of the work. Let the teacher know that you will make the change but you'd rather not if easy child will be able to do it once he's caught up.

    Good luck. You're doing great by easy child.
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    Poor easy child. Probably going through some really hard stuff emotionally, too.
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    I called psychiatrist and they have somebody new there who doesn't know what she is doing. First of all she told me I never scheduled an appointment for easy child, only difficult child was down in the books. She argued with me when I told her I specifically made an appointment for both kids. Then she said she would ask the doctor if he could write him a script till he is seen but she highly doubts the doctor will agree since he hasn't seen my son in six months. I told her he was living with his dad for awhile and that's why it's been so long since his last appointment, and I explained how hard of a time he has been having in school. She said she would have psychiatrist call me. He never did. He is a very good psychiatrist who always returns calls even if it has to be at nine o'clock at night since he works late hours. I'm sure the receptionist never gave him the message. I am going to have to call again and complain. In the mean time I am going to email his math teacher and let her know what is going on. I asked easy child if he asked her for help and he said he didn't feel comfortable speaking up. I am also going to speak with the school psychiatric and find out if there is a social skills group they offer like they had in his last school. easy child still hasn't met any friends yet and I'm sure he's feeling more than uncomfortable right now in a brand new school not knowing anybody.
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    Good luck with the call from the Dr, I hope it works out!
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    I am so angry at your ex husband for doing this to him. He liked his school. Had friends. Ugh!!
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    I called the doctor and this time I got a more competent receptionist. She actuall personally went and asked the dr. herself to write a prescription until our next appointment. I am going to pick it up today after work so easy child will be back on his medications by Monday. I also emailed his math teacher and explained his backround and asked her if she could help easy child understand his work. I emailed the school psychiatric as well to see if what type of services he will be getting and asked if they offer a social skills group. Poor easy child still doesn't talk to anybody and eats lunch by himself. I feel bad for him. Hopefully I hear back from his teacher and the psychiatric today.
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    Glad you got medications for him. Hope he makes friends soon. You're a great mom for helping him out.