easy child just keeps on messing up

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Nov 5, 2009.

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    so last night i went into easy child's bag, so that i could put lunch money in it. i've cut all extra's from her, and have told her to start packing lunch and filled refrigerator with yogurts and stuff for her to pack. Yet ofcourse she didn't.

    so, i faltered and figured ok i am giong to put money in her bag so she'll eat during day, because she's been sleeping so much lately (possibly depression or drugs we arent' sure yet). so i find the packet that planned parenthood gave to her. they provided her with birth control pills it was up to her to communicate when she ran out (wants to be a grown up now), part of it all is being responsible. so they provided her with the day after pill. i'm sure you guys know what that is. I dont' agree with it at all. i'm sure it's a controversial subject. i dont want to debate it, just stating that she took it and i'm shocked and she is making one bad decision after another.

    so, long story short i had a long talk with her last night. I feel like i've been proactive in my approach to assist her, have services in, private therapy, you name it. so i told her last night i'm now taking back control, i'm going to your boyfriend's house today telling his parents that he is no longer to see you (him being my biggest problem), doors' coming off bedroom, phone time is now limited, a whole bunch of stuff.

    this will be my last ditch effort to assist her. we have her psychological coming up in two weeks, her drug test, and we'll see how it goes. i just feel like right now i'm not doing enough. i've been a bit weepy because emotionally as i'm sure you all know it's ripping me apart, yet i feel like i have to take a stand now to some extent because she's walking all over me.

    ok thanks for letting me float back in here and vent.
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    Hi, Jena. I've somewhat been following what's been going on with easy child (been so busy myself and haven't been at this site a whole lot) and just want to send you big cyber hugs and wishes for strength. Keep on with your plan and be strong, and I hope the interventions in place will help, too. So sorry things are not well. :(

    Hang in there and take care.
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    dont' know much of this pill, yet went to gyn today to schedule an appointment for her to ensure she isnt' pregnant and she is ok with taking this thing and all they said to me is omg and i'm so sorry. not the reaction i wanted! my stress levels real high right about now.

    went to boyfriend's house and cna't locate his parents today, going to keep trying though. i'm done with them.
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    I'm pulling for you, Jena. This has got to be ripping you apart. When is it going to be your turn to be happy? Ugh.
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