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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 24, 2011.

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    so sorry i haven't had any time lately to read others posts other than to jump in quick vent and go away. so i'm sorry. just trying to find my way thru it all.

    so easy child is rough again. i think the 25mg of zoloft has adjusted in the system and she's blowing up yet again. started 4 days ago. so i'm titrating up to 50mg. and she begins therapy on tuesday next week.

    hopefully she'll get in truck and go. she's already told me she wont' go, she wont' talk to anyone. she's cancelled riding lessons and is nasty i hate you etc. back to the usual. so difficult child took her riding appointment today.

    i saw the change happening yet there's nothing you can really do. funny thing is about 5 days ago we let her out because it was on good behavior and also due to she is depressed punished for mos can be challening and funny thing is i did that expalined why i was diong it and than slowly the behaviors came into play again.

    last night she returned home and well she looked a bit drunk. we asked her she denied. we both explained to her the importance of not drinking while on an ssri. so now she's gotten herself out of i'll let you free for a day or so thought process.

    amazing how the medications make such a difference and can really make a kid like her managable. i've never seen that with difficult child because there's so much neurobological issues. whereas with easy child if she gets some good therapy for a while keeps medication in place while working thru her junk whatever it is i think she'll be ok.

    never ending fun :) just wanted to share. hoping Occupational Therapist (OT) get time later to read thru posts and catch up. difficult child has been back to hoarding so gotta go police her in cleaning her room and do the therapy session during about letting go of old junk. she saved popcorn from movies 4 nights ago and banana peels because "it was a really good banana"....... oh joy lol
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    Barring an allergic reaction Zoloft takes 4-6 weeks to get to full therapeutic levels in the system.
  3. Jena

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    i know lol. ugh!! that initial hit though was awesome!
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    I never had an "initial hit" with Zoloft unless you count knowing I was on something that might help. My initial dosage (I was 17 at the time) was 50mg that went up to 150mg.
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    Just wondering if difficult child has been getting a little too much attention lately (with broken wrist and all). Maybe easy child figures she needs to act out again?
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    My thoughts are you let her out and she got into something she shouldnt have which made her act badly now. If you suspect that she was a bit drunk then it wouldnt surprise me one bit that she is now acting up.
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    i don't know guys i just know i'm tired, real tired. i spent a mos. in portland, feeding tubes, meetings doctor's craziness and all alone and didn't get sick and held it together well. i'm back 3 weeks i'm sick, coughing, look like **** and beat up and tired.

    i spoke to woman about in home services yesterday. we're at the last piece of info needed a pyscho social thing. after that my app should go to them. i'm just tired and require back up. difficult child is just way too much to handle for me with the rest of my world. she sat in dining room today screaming my throat hurts again there's something lodged in it. i simply walked away.

    she's all over the board again. good mood bad mood switch within minutes. i know easy child wants to put her thru a wall as do i. i get she's sick yet one can only take so much.
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    it's i think after speaking to her the lack of coping skills. shes taking a pretty bad hit from her best friend who refuses to talk to her anymore. the girl also "stole" yes this is high school terms all their joint friends. so she's hurting bad, doesn't know how to say i'm upset because............. (which is why she's going to therapy). so she just unravels on me.

    tuesday begins therapy thank goodness for her. we shall see what comes of it.
  9. DammitJanet

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    School is just plain hell if you ask me.