easy child starting to "get it" with difficult child?



Dare I say that out loud? I won't say for sure just yet, but it seems that easy child is finally getting over his frustration and resentment of difficult child enough to start to understand that difficult child isn't a PITA just for the sake of being a PITA.

A HUGE issue for easy child is how difficult child just leaves her stuff, well, everywhere. If you just ask her to pick it up, she'll get one or two things and that's it. I explained that you have to either A) list all of the items she needs to pick up, or B) put it in a pile and have her take the pile upstairs. She literally just doesn't see it all. Just like she can look at me when I'm on the phone, start talking to me and when I tell her I'm on the phone she says that she didn't know. That one took me a long time. But she really didn't know. It's the non-verbal stuff.

Anyway, when I explained it that it's not her vision, but that it doesn't get processed right, he seemed to understand.


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It's great easy child is starting to get it! I wish my easy child could be more understanding of difficult child.

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I'm glad easy child is beginning to grasp the realities of difficult children disorders. I would imagine he's extremely frustrated with the whole situation; I would also imagine that there may be "lapses" in this understanding.

Being the sibling of a difficult child has to be one of the hardest things.