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    Well, the wic nurse did not come, and we are glad. She did tell easy child that she can keep her wic. We called the nite before to cancel and thenurse called in the morning, woke easy child up. :-( I hope she is done disrupting easy child.
    easy child seems to go in waves, and has several good hours and can eat and hold things down, but like every other day she declines again. Today is a not so good day, and she woke every hour thru the nite..to be sick, and is still going. Per dr she alternates the zofran and phenergan, and on phenrgan, she sleeps thru and barely wakes at all for many many hours. So, she is still not getting up except to bathe twice a day. She is still useing sons room....and he is useing hers. I think she has now lost even MORE weight. BUT her coloring looks better than it did for awhile there, and she seems more alert than she had been. She is supposed to go back to work tomorrow per her doctor, but, it remains to be seen how she will manage. It has now been almost a full month since she has driven.... and except for dr appts and wic, she has not left the house. She was invited to her lifelong friends birthday cookout today, but she is not feeling good enough to go, and it is rainy and yukky outside, too.

    I went "green" LOL. I got a push mower, non gas, non electric. LOL, I did not get it to be green, I got it cuz my gas mower has a problem and it is killing me when I need to start it, the pull cord gives me a hard time, and often I spend the whole next week in a splint and in misery. PLus if I have to turn it off before I finish the lawn, it does not restart again until the next day. Does not matter if I start at 8 am and stop and then try to continue at 6 pm, it just does not start. I had been afraid it might be hard to push the reel mower, but, it was fine, easy, actually easier than my big gas self propelled mower, LOL- I think I was holding my self prop mower back? BUT the new mower does not cut as nice as my gas mower. BUT I get nervous thinking of my son useing the gas mower, and I am not nervous about the reel mower, LOL- so I am hoping i can entice him to mow sometimes, now.

    difficult child broke up with her boyfriend of the last several years (more than 5) and she also now distanced herself from the group of "friends" she had for several years-- for a lot of reasons...... she had been taking it very hard, for it was only partially her choice to be distant. Her world has been so small for so long.....but, this week, she did go to an outdoor country music concert iwth - of all people- my husband, her dad! Blew my mind they went....they both have a very hard time leaving the house at all, but originally it was supposed to be me who went with difficult child--but then easy child was so sick...and we had an appointment the day of the concert.....
    Well, difficult child had bought 3 tickets, but one was for one of the people she is now not seeing anymore....so she somehow met another person, and that person came and went with, at first the texts from difficult child sounded dismal, her and husband were haveing panic attacks and stuff, and they got lost. Not sure how they wound up lost, it was not very far from home. BUT in the end, they had a GREAT time and wound up backstage --(difficult child went last year and wound up getting to spend 1-1 time with Carrie Underwood last year)
    Last nite difficult child went and slept over at her new friends house. SO- it is weird to have easy child home, and it is weird to have difficult child out of the house a little.

    SO, things just seem to always be changeing, little things....keeping life from getting boreing, I guess LOL
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    Quite a night! Glad it worked out. Heck, I get panic attacks getting lost and I don't have a diagnosis. I can hardly imagine how stressful that would be.

    I hope it works out in the long run for all difficult child's hard work on those friendships, and the hard choice to distance herself. My easy child is going through that.

    So glad you weren't stuck with-an unneccary wic nurse visit. Did you tell her you got your renewal and you're part of the team???