Eddie Aikau Big Wave Surf Contest

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by New Leaf, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. New Leaf

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    " Eddie would go"

    The memory of legendary big wave rider and first lifeguard at Waimea Bay, Eddie Aikau, is honored by this epic surf contest held only in 20 foot surf or larger. The last contest was held in 2009.
    If you want to take a peek, you can view the contest here
    I can't pull the video up on my phone but they are livestreaming it......(got it on my computer at work)
    Surfs up!
  2. pasajes4

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    Thank you. I was able to watch some of it. So relaxing.
  3. New Leaf

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    Highlights from Thursdays contest. This is on my bucket list to be there for the next one. Interesting note, Clyde Aikau, Eddies younger brother, entered the contest......he is 66 years old.
    The video does not do justice to the size and power of the waves.
    Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf contest
  4. nlj

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    Surfing's a big thing in this part of West Wales. We were at the beach this morning and there was a large crowd of wetsuit-clad, blue-footed and blue-nosed surfers braving the freezing temperatures and icy winds to catch the waves.

    Great to sit in a warm cafe with a mug of tea and watch through the windows!

    A million miles away from Waimea Bay!

    How do you think the surfers of Hawaii would get on here?
  5. New Leaf

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    I think most of them would say thanks, but no thanks, lol. Why freeze your arse off, when there are warm waves to be had here?
    Some of the big wave riders do surf Mavericks in California, the waters are a bit colder there, so they wear wetsuits.

    I used to know a fellow who surfed in the winter on the New Hampshire coast. Full dry suit, gloves, booties. He showed me a photo of his friend with icicles forming on his hat brim, yikes!

    These guys are tough, the love of surfing drives them. I do not think I would brave the freezing cold to go out and ride waves!

    Good entertainment, it must feel a little strange to see people in the water when it is freezing out!

    Stay warm and cozy.....