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    Eeyore was discharged from PHP today. We didn't even make it down the flight of stairs outside the unit when the attitude returned. I stopped and went off on him. I told him that if he needed it, we could turn around right then I could sign him up for an inpatient stay. That cooled his jets for a while. We have an appointment in 20 minutes to try and get him accepted to a group therapy program that starts next week. Please pray they accept him!

    I'm still waiting for the "crisis" counselor to call. She was suppose to talk to me before he was discharged but since neither I nor the hospital could reach her and we have appointments set with regular therapist and psychiatrist next week, they went ahead and discharged him. (In a weird quirk, I can turn down the crisis counselor if I don't want the services -- actual parental control?!?!?)
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    Too bad the staff wasn't there to witness it. THAT would have made him a shoo in. Praying and pretzeling he gets in.
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    DARN! Had a similar experience today and I told Q the same... you can stick with this program we are trying to get going for you or I can take you to the hospital. He at least is home now and not swearing at me anymore.

    They should have hidden cameras to watch kids as they leave the place....would probably be insightful. How does a crisis counselor work if they are unavailable to everyone? Is there a team?

    I hope he just had a nervous transition moment.... praying he gets into the group therapy program!
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    Eeyore nearly blew it but thankfully he was accepted for the group psycho-ed program. Eeyore tried making himself sound so tough and aggressive that it was lucky I had spoken with this doctor prior to the interview and that the doctor is familiar with kids who 'exaggerate'. This program does not take aggressive kids (they have other programs for aggressive kids, just not the one we applied for).

    So, he starts next week. Whew!
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    Crisis team happens to be part of the clinic that Eeyore sees his psychiatrist and doctor at...I have actually know the crisis counselor's supervisors longer than she has! I left a message for her immediate supervisor today and if she doesn't call me by the end of the week, I'll call the next level up on Monday. This crisis program is designed to give the child/family twice a week in home (or at the clinic, parent choice) therapy for 90 days after an ER visit to ensure that the crisis in handled and the child can be maintained with their regular monthly therapy. Of course, with the budget cuts, the crisis worker now can only see a kid twice a month; but add that to the once a month he sees the regular therapist and it gets to be close to once a week.